Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm responsible for global warming

So I see that Martin, aka, BooMan, is in full hate mode against me at his website. This will probably be my last diary on this website as I am certainly not trying to make myself a "martyr" as Martin seems to believe. Damn does that guy hate me. But then again I never was subservient.

It's so sad to see him continue to lie about me and go further and further down some fairytale road of his making.

To catch up: I was banned after asking for an apology from Martin after he posted comment after comment calling me names and impugning my integrity. If someone actually READS what I wrote I did not ASK to be banned. I asked him if he was still planning on banning me as threatened or if he would apologize and we could move on. He made his choice. Actually itching to do it. I was on the site when he posted his reply and when I tried to hit "reply" to his comment I had already been zapped. Martin, did you already have your blog terminal up and ready and pointed to my account? Very interesting. Kind of blows your whole "she asked for it" lie out of water now doesn't it?

But it does appear poor Martin is melting down. He has stopped making sense.

Let alone his utter hypocrisy in providing Tracy "warnings" and failing to do the same for me. I have NEVER said anything even remotely as vile and disgusting as that woman has. But BooMan loves his doublestandards. Or is it that he is afraid to ban a military wife? Yes, I do wonder what it is about Tracy that gives her such leniency from Martin. I thought it was because of CabinGirl, but damn, it's just a blog for buddha's sake. Or is it because - "I support the site and pay Martin what I can". I thought BooTrib wasn't allowed to take donations or payments, only purchases through the store? Or is that asking too many questions again?

Sooo... let's see if I can catch up on all the things I'm supposedly to blame for. It's pretty long list.

1. I have the power of mind control over supersoling and made him post a comment back in July saying that BooMan was letting his friendship with Tracy cloud his judgement.
2. I told catnip about him and CG even though at least, as super notes, 4 other people have said they knew and could have told her, or that others could have, since back in the days of YearlyKos; two MONTHS before I was supposed to have told catnip. And of course how can I prove I DIDN'T? How can you prove a negative? And BooMan refuses to provide proof, which I repeatedly asked for.
3. I caused the whole meltdown in July
4. My sole purpose at the blog is to shit disturb and cause controversy (I take it he's forgotten my recent diary "On the Road to Kingdom Come" surely a flamewar waiting to happen)
5. I lurk at his blog and don't always comment (did anyone know this was against the rules?)
6. I initiated the whole controversy in July
7. I got my wish in him banning me
8. I worked tirelessly to obtain my "martyrdom"
9. Being banned from BooMan Tribune is a "badge of honor" for me (this one is so funny I almost can't even keep typing. Martin dear, my life is not wrapped up in your site or any other. Wow.)
10. I'm a "big fat enormous liar"
11. Tracy was a saint when she first came back and hasn't been following me around the site baiting me since November and then did the same in my Gore diary... hey Martin, that may be why I've been lurking so much, or am I lying about that too?
[update] her comment baiting me and the massive thread beneath is now hidden. Well, at least I can provide the comment she decided to come at me with in my "Al Gore for Peace Prize diary". And she accused me of being disrespectful to him. Whadda maroon.
I heard the real reason you were banned (0.00 / 3)
from DailyKos was that you were outing personal details on Armando's life or something. Is that a smear too?

PMS Purchase More Shoes
by Militarytracy on Fri Feb 2nd, 2007 at 10:41:16 AM EST
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Smears? (none / 1)
Grow up! (0+ / 1-)
Trollrated by:Militarytracy
Your baiting and switching, calling people Phycho bitches and fucking pigs because they do not agree with you is immature. Take that wonderful advise from your daughter and take a break from the blogs.

There was a time that I really felt for you Tracy and could not imagine being so conflicted about the war and having a soldier for a husband. Now you use it as an excuse to attack the very people that used to support you. Shame on you.

Frodo failed....Bush has got the ring!

by Alohaleezy on Fri Feb 02, 2007 at 06:47:56 AM PST

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* [new] I am so much more grown up than you (0 / 0)
See, I don't expect something for nothing. I don't expect my soldiers to break one law but uphold other laws and call them criminals for not doing such insane bidding while I do nothing but bitch on blogs. I don't expect my soldiers to protect my country one day for me and then go to jail for me the next day, I'm not some spoiled little child with childish notions of how the world needs to be dressed up as a woman. I'm not so childish that I let Damnit Janet make up half truths about soldiers and demonize all soldiers while I pat her on the back and tell her how great she is and put her on a pedestal so she is even more enthusiastic about distorting the truth for military families right now. For joining that little beat the shit out of Tracy party at Booman you totally deserve to be called a bitch and psycho and Supersoling deserved to be called a fucking pig for what he wrote in my daughter's diary. If the world is so fucking big and there's a place for everybody as he said to her right there, he should have found a different place for himself other than that diary. My daughter asked me to no longer blog at Booman because you people over there are such assholes to serving military that it was dragging me down. I stand by every word I wrote over there to you and Supersoling. I am not sorry and I never will be and you people aren't going to walk all over me anymore while my family makes sacrifices you wouldn't dirty your little spoiled brat bitching American ass doing!

In the Pajamahadeen I'm Scooby-Doo!

by Militarytracy on Fri Feb 02, 2007 at 07:24:36 AM PST

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Frodo failed...Bush has got the ring.
by alohaleezy on Fri Feb 2nd, 2007 at 10:47:21 AM EST
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My response? (And I suspect the real reason Martin banned me...)
Why Tracy, thanks for asking.

Actually, I was banned for one comment where I asked Armando if he was THREATENING TO OUT ME.

Within minutes Armando (supposedly not still an admin according to him) zapped that comment and me along with it.

Deliciously ironic isn't it?

Thanks for playing Tracy, I suggest you stop repeating lies as well.

Brother, you can believe in stones, as long as you don't throw them at me ~ Wafa Sultan

Jaded Reality
by spiderleaf (spiderleaf at gmail dot com) on Fri Feb 2nd, 2007 at 10:50:25 AM EST
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12. I was in email correspondence with him in July, yet he can't produce a single one to back up his statement because IT IS A LIE. Yet he is posting personal emails from catnip at that time. Sound familiar?

I really do want to take fully responsibility for anything else I may be responsible for, so if anyone else has things to add to the list please do so in the comments.

And of course, if you are just plain sick of me, feel free to ban me.

[update] And of course "without naming names" there are some members who:

there are certain members that are drawn to controversy like a flame. I think you can find them by looking at how many people posted their first comment in weeks in the 'outing bloggers' or 'Marisacat' diaries. Those same people will be shown to be at the center of all or most of the blowups we have had, going back to Parker, the cartoons, and the July spat.

Once again, it's all my fault. Who wouldda thunk it. I posted my first comment when Martin? I posted quite a few unrelated to your meta topics on January 29, 30 and 31st. Care to ammend your statement BooMan? The insults continue unabated from that fine gentleman.

[update 2] The dictator has spoken and continues to lie about me and the situation. He can ban at will if he doesn't like you. So much for the Community Council idea.

I'd like to drop this issue now, please. It's a dead horse at this point. I have listened to what people have said and I made my decision. My decision isn't going to change now. I issued a warning, and I have been clear that it will be enforced. We will probably come up with some clearer policy about how to deal with abusive language and then we will adopt that as a policy.

The banning that did take place is not related. That had to do with my personal opinion of that member based on what I know and what I think. It was personal to me. You poke me too many times and I think you are dishonest and ill-intended and...well...I'll leave it at that. Nuff said. It isn't a matter of fairness, that one member did this and got that. Separate cases.

Any member here that needs help or assistance or support is going to get a lot more leeway with me than someone I think is lying and has no respect for me and is meddling in my personal life.

And Martin, the two issues are so closely interrelated that I have to wonder if you are even reading and comprehending before responding to your community. Why did I bring up the issue of you and CG? Because you were both enabling Tracy's abusive treatment of the site members. Completely related.

[update 3]: The fun never ends at Fantasy Frog Pond.

So. For the last 24 hours his community has been struggling to save their site. BooMan has been scarce at best. Until Teach313 gives Tracy a zero for hijacking the Community Standards thread that currently has 175 comments and is at the top of the rec list (see above for her beautiful hijacking of my Gore thread that led to this).

BooMan's response:

I just say a troll-rating in the recent comments. I'm not following the context, I was watching re-runs of Curb Your Enthuisiasm.

How respectful. Couldn't even be bothered to follow the context. Watching tv and checking to make sure Tracy's okay and the traffic is still up. Just saw someone troll-rated St. Tracy and had to rush in to defend her. Claaaassssy Martin. You care so much about building a community and respect for its members.

[update 4] Well. This says a lot more than I thought it would.

NLinStPaul says:

Second Nature, I might not ought to go there, but I'm pretty shocked by what I think you said. So I need to ask for clarification.

That comment Boran2 quoted was a response to Supersoling - are you saying that he baits cleverly and uses humiliation and veiled threats?

And Second Nature's response:

No, I thought it was in response to spiderleaf. Pardon my confusion - I've read waaaay too much of this jr. high shit the past few days and I am done.

Ah, I see. That vile piece of hate would have been acceptable if it had been directed at me. Gotcha. How progressive of you.

All this is worth it Martin? Are you having fun?

[update 5] Nanette mentioned in the comments that a lot of visitors to BooTrib wouldn't know what is happening if they weren't TU's because Tracy's initial exchange is hidden now. So... as a community service, if anyone happens to stumble over here, this is the infamous and disgusting exchange in its most graphic. (and this is what Second Nature thought would have been acceptable for Tracy to say about me).

Re: Dear Mom (3.12 / 8)
I want to rescind my rating on the first comment if not physically, then in words.

No one here has intentionally hurt anyone. Everyone must find their space. The world is a big place and within it, space abounds.
by supersoling on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 12:07:37 AM EST

Know what Super? (0.63 / 11)
Now you are coming after my kids. Listen here you Son of a Bitch, don't you ever use my name in any diary ever again. I fucking hate you you pig. Fuck off and die! Go away and leave me and my family alone. Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You! If I could remove what you put up here I would. I do not want to erase my daughter's words because she has been through enough and she doesn't need that disrespect. So now I must find a way to prevent her from reading this diary again but if she does she will see that I did not allow you just hurt me again and take it. FUCK OFF YOU SON OF A BITCH! If you think I'm going to allow you to hurt my children you are dead fucking wrong. You, Janet, Spiderleaf........lowest life forms around and Leezy isn't much further behind. Stay away from me all of you!

PMS Purchase More Shoes
by Militarytracy on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 08:12:31 AM EST
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Re: Know what Super? (none / 1)
Wow! Someone is not allowed to ask questions of you? No one attacked you personally Tracy. You're "fuck off and Die" statement is way overboard.

Frodo failed...Bush has got the ring.
by alohaleezy on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 09:45:43 AM EST
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Leezy, ask the question as many times as you (0.71 / 7)
want and ignore the answer as many times as you want. That's the game isn't it? But when someone asks you point blank if you think the U.S. military should be disbanded and the U.S. not have a military throw your hand over your mouth and say, "Oh no, that's not what I meant." What the fuck do you want from me you psycho spoiled brat "peace activist"? If this was about a job and money Leezy my husband wouldn't be in the United States Army. He'd be flying for a "security firm" making $12,000 a month tax free and we would live in the new mansion subdivision with all the other "security firm" families here! Get out of my daughter's diary you bitch.

PMS Purchase More Shoes
by Militarytracy on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 10:07:18 AM EST [ Parent ]

And yet I was banned.

[update 6] We've set up a temporary new home to keep the community going. Anyone who wants an account go to and set up a new account. Then send me an email at spiderleaf AT gmail DOT com and I'll add you as an admin to the site... you can then start posting diaries to your hearts content.

Everybody Comes From Somewhere

Please add to your bookmarks and blogrolls as appropriate :)

[update 7] Where it gets really pathetic and CabinGirl reappears to spew wisdom and address her communities concerns (remember, she is an admin, how becoming. And YOU WONDER WHY I ASKED MARTIN???):

question from the back of the room (none / 0)
I have one question, Tracy: are you still trying to out me?

I'll warn you once and only once: if you do that you place my life in possible danger from a former abusive spouse. See? We have all had our own life dramas going on. You're not the only one.

And oh, btw, I don't know "all of your personal information". Therefore, I couldn't have given it to anyone so stop lying about me. I just found that post yesterday and I was absolutely appalled that you would ever have considered such vengeance. I don't care how angry you were with me. That's no excuse.

I thought is was necessary to enlighten the rest of the community about this fact.

I'm with Oui on this. Your daughter supposedly spoke out quite loudly and clearly. I wonder why you have chosen to ignore that.
by catnip (llamg88 at on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 10:06:54 PM EST

Oh Goodness Catnip (none / 0)
I would never try to "out" you. Just thought that maybe my lawyer needed to talk to your lawyer about you giving my personal information to paramilitary people killing loving types is all. nuff said. I didn't want to say good bye to anybody so a new screaming match could start. Just let it die and go away for goodness sakes. That was ages ago so I know why you bring it up now.

PMS Purchase More Shoes
by Militarytracy on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 10:23:39 PM EST
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Re: Oh Goodness Catnip (none / 0)
Searching for someone's identity sounds like a prelude to outing to me given your history of personal attacks. I take outing seriously. We've lost good people from this site because they do not feel that BooMan has not adequately addressed the outing issue. The black marks are piling up, MT. Take your own advice and get offline. I'm taking my own and ignoring the rest of this diary.

The BooDay Backstory Project
by Teach313 (teachSKIP313ATmacDOTcom) on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 10:46:06 PM EST
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Listen Tracy (none / 0)
Don't you DARE try to make yourself the victim here again.

1. You accused me of giving your personal information to someone. Lies.

2. You did it on a website that anybody can find if they use Google. Smear.

3. Now you're accusing that member of the special forces - YOUR DIVINE MILITARY - of being a member of a paramilitary who loves killing?? And he IS a member of the special forces. That was proven to you in that ugly scotchtapefuckwad blog but you STILL deny it. Go over to his blog and tell him that he's one of those "paramilitary people killing loving types". I dare you. Maybe he's the one who should get a lawyer now that you've smeared him so viciously too. He had your number back in 2005 when you smeared the special forces - YOUR special forces that you slammed. YOUR military. And yet you've raged on about how the military gets no respect when you actually joined right in and slammed them. Hypocrite.

4. I told you I just found that post YESTERDAY and I deserve a straight up answer - not these lies - yet you just brush it off.

If you don't want screaming matches sweetie, stop lying and having wild tantrums. It's that simple.

You may still be fooling some people here but you stopped fooling me a long time ago.

And no, military counselors can't "fix" you. You need to make the choice to do that yourself.

That's all I have to say to you.
by catnip (llamg88 at on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 10:46:23 PM EST
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Re: question from the back of the room (none / 0)
May 27th, 2006. Just checking, because that seems like 9 months ago.
by Second Nature (denn1214 - at- gmail dot com) on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 10:28:54 PM EST
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Re: question from the back of the room (none / 0)
Hi Second Nature, I don't mean to jump into some fray here, but it appears the comment catnip linked to was dated October of 2006.

That being said, I certainly would not want to give the impressoin I support any attempts to find out peoples real identities, no matter how long ago it was!!!
by thetruth ( on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 12:06:14 AM EST
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Re: question from the back of the room (none / 0)
And that's somehow significant because?

The Left End of the Dial v2.0 - An "American Solidarity" (Solidaridad Americano) Blog
by James Benjamin (the_bokononist at yahoo dot com) on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 12:25:56 AM EST
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Re: question from the back of the room (none / 0)
Man, this thread is becoming the mobetterest ever.
by BooMan on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 12:43:48 AM EST
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Re: question from the back of the room (none / 0)
I'm mobetta than you, neener, neener, neener!

Impeachment: It's not just for blowjobs anymore.
Darth Cheney goes first.
by CabinGirl on Mon Feb 5th, 2007 at 12:48:28 AM EST
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Wow. CabinGirl, how old are you? Do you not find what Tracy did incredibly disturbing and offensive? Don't you care someone is attempting to OUT SOMEONE?? Your boy Martin surely did when he posted that horrific shit about Marisacat and made it the focus of his blog for a full day. Wow. You are truly pathetic. Good job exposing yourself. Guess I was right, eh. Tracy pays Martin a salary and you enable her behaviour. Fantastic. Do you know Ann Coulter by any chance? (I knew you'd recognize that snark, you used to appreciate it iirc...) She is looking to hurt catnip. End of story. And you are enabling her behaviour. Btw, that comment and exchange is now saved for posterity should the demons of deletion strike.

[update 8] Now this is the height of hilarity. Wow. Fantasy Frog Pond seems even more relevant.

Re: Check again. ( / )
Teach313, please read my comment again.

That is the tip of the iceberg. That blog exists to discuss the shortcomings (imagined and otherwise) of blogging communities.

Let me give you one example just so you get the general idea.

Somewhere in the depths of a thread who knows how long ago and who knows on what blog, Tracy made a comment that she sends me money whenever she can, or something like that.

I think what she meant, since she has never sent me a dime directly, is that she buys a coffee mug or a t-shirt or buys a book through my affiliate.

But if you go over to mobetta you'll discover that I haven't banned Tracy because of the healthy stipend she provides me with.

This is just a small sample of that stuff that the loyal members are writing and lapping up over there.

So, my skepticism about their sincerity when they come over here and lament what is happening to this community is just a tad bit hard to overcome.

And it has nothing to do with whether I am taking issues surrounding MT seriously. I am not taking ALL of them seriously. And certainly not from that crew.
by BooMan on
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Martin, are you fucking stupid? (sorry for my language but this is totally goddamn insulting to so many people's intelligence). "Somewhere in the depths of a thread who knows how long ago and who knows on what blog"... do you write the intros to Star Wars Martin? A thread long, long, ago in a galaxy far, far, away...

Except it was November 2006 on BooMan Tribune in response to spiderleaf when Tracy first reappeared, as linked to above.

Or should we be playing Clue? SOME BLOG? And I'm the liar.

Pathetic and soooo insulting to Teach313.

[update 9 - as I am still unable to respond to Martin's lies at BooTrib]
So... he waited until I had been banned at dkos to ban me so he could "add me to the list". Funny then how the first baiting comment of MTracy brought it up... (see above) and now he uses it as "proof".

But that was then, this is now. And BooMan's response:
You will discover that true blog wrecking is an art. It is performed repeatedly, by a very small number of individuals. And it is astonishing how much patience goes into it.

Almost everyone that has ever been banned here was banned at Daily Kos first, and then at MyDD. And many (I don't keep track) of the people that have been banned here were subsequently banned MLW. Each and every time they were banned they hurt the community because they had made friends. And they then went off and tried to pull as many friends with them as they could.
So, enjoy mobetta. Ask everyone there, the longtimers, how many blogs they've been banned from. Some people that are there commenting are not blog wreckers. Some blog wreckers are just kind of strange people that obsess on meta and read back through archives to discover any hint of biographical information that can be stored up and used for a rainy day when they might attack a blogger.

Whatever. It's a sick place and I advise against spending time there thinking you are seeing something real.

Yes, everything I posted above, including all the links to his own site an participants was a fabrication. How silly of me. Yes Martin, it is crystal clear now what the problem is.

And dear Martin, the measure of a person does not lie in how many authoritarian pricks they've pissed off enough to get banned. And doing so does not mean anyone claims a badge or honor either. Grow up and get over yourself.


{ps - I posted at BooTrib because I deeply appreciate so many of the members there. I did not want to leave. I just wanted the smears against me to stop and for the abusive poster to stop harming so many people in the community. But today is a new day and my snark has returned; hence the tone above. I am really hurt though, there is no denying that. I was attacked and lied about, and it continues even though I am unable to defend myself on the site. It isn't right. And to top it off BooMan refuses to delete my diaries or account. Why? Why not show compassion? Delete my account, I am no longer a member there. I appreciate sincerely and have so many people to thank for trying to set things right over there. Truly and deeply appreciate it. Thank you.}


Anonymous said...

ah, spider, sounds all so familiar to me (brinn -- I still haven't remembered my PW) -- the only thing different is that you are a liar and I was "too angry" and in need of mental intervention -- what a crock of shit.

You'll be better off -- I know I have been these past 15 months of so!!

NLinStPaul said...

Your consolation Spider - you can now claim full membership in the "Kewl Sleeper Cell of Serial Blog Wreckers." I have heard tell that this cell is inhabited by some of the best.

Hope you're ready for some snark. Hang in there!!

catnip said...

spidey and others,

This is the bottom line. For all of his blustering about how his personal relationships supposedly did not affect the way he dealt with Tracy, he has now admitted that they did.

Do you want to know why I didn't ban Tracy is [sic] July?

It was because she was in a very difficult emotional state and I happen to know her, and I happened to think she needed the community more than we needed to be free from the disruption.

So there you have it - in his own words.

And if anyone is wondering what I wrote to him back then that set him off on this angry tangent, here is the text of my e-mail to him then:

On 7/18/06, Lucie G [] wrote:

I heard through the grapevine that you're supposedly dating CabinGirl, one of Tracy's best friends. How nice for all of you. Now I understand more of
what's been happening if that is true.

Best wishes to all of you.


I had no idea about who knew who or what was going on behind the scenes until that moment and then it was a "light-bulb moment" for me. Then it made sense to me why he might not be so quick to deal with Tracy more forcefully. Furthermore, (he had written about his divorce on the site so this isn't a breach of his privacy) I was genuinely glad to see that he had been able to move on with someone else so I wished him the best. That was met with attack after attack by him against me via e-mail simply because he completely misread my words and my motive and that has continued to this day, resulting in this ridiculous meltdown and the banning of spidey this past week.

Let me add, btw, that I don't recall Martin ever asking me through all of that who actually told me about his new relationship yet suddenly that has become the major issue in all of this and because he only thinks he knows (without providing any proof whatsoever which is odd for someone who backs up everything he writes with links and sources while decrying others who pull so-called facts out of thin air), he decided to go on a crusade against spidey and super. I know that I never told him who my source was so I have no idea how he can be so certain about his version of events.

And let me remind you all of what he wrote today:

The issue in July was that I merely wanted to know the answer to a factual question. Specifically, I wanted to know who emailed someone information about my private life. I didn't care that the information was being spread, because I was taking no actions to keep my relationship secret, other than not posting about it on the internet. I cared because of the argument, the reason the information was being sent.

I was offended by the insinuation and wanted to know who was making it.

And yet, when I tried to explain that reason to him: the idea that from my perspective that his friendships were affecting his judgment about Tracy (which he admits now - see above) he railed on me privately about how his relationships were nobody's business.

So, the crux of all of this leads me to this conclusion:

1. his friendship with Tracy did affect how he dealt with her and definitely impacted the whole community.
2. he became very defensive at the mere suggestion when I e-mailed him.
3. part of him has known all along that this was, in fact, true.
4. he has lashed out at others because he didn't want to believe it.
5. everyone else has had to pay the price for it - except Tracy.

Those are the dynamics and that is why she continues to have free rein although perhaps he has now realized that that idea is no longer viable as he has said she has now been "warned".

In the meantime, the community has lost many valuable voices once again and, frankly, the one person responsible for that without a doubt is Martin himself.

I'm not sure how this can be viewed differently considered what I've placed before you. If someone does see it differently, please let me know.

olivia said...

Hey brinn ... it's good to see you. Yes, I remember that mental intervention comment made to you, which is quite the disconnect w/ how the current situation is being handled. Oy, what a mess.

Anyways, I'm happy find you all here ... spider if you and CookTing get something together, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from DTF? I read super's post below and was asking after him the other day when speaking with Janet on the phone, to no avail.

I echo all of the sentiments in super's post and I think of him often -- one of the few really worthwhile reads in the offense intended to anyone here, of course, DTF was just on a whole 'nother level.

Anywhoo -- spider, I know you're hurt, I remember it well, I alternated between thinking up tech-geeks ways to get my "revenge" to crying to meditating, but all of those feelings eventually went away! Now, I just laugh a lot!

Hi olivia!! Good to see you too -- wherever we end up, we simply *must* have a place to post your stunning pictures!

PS does anyone know the PW for brinn5etc???? Should I just get a new username?

spiderleaf said...

Hey Bri, I just emailed you a new invite, I can't seem to get your password from the site. If you choose a new uid I can delete brinn5etc.

James said...

Well, now it makes a bit more sense as to why Martin has coddled Tracy.

Anonymous said...

thanks, spidey! I will check my email here in a moment or two -- I would be really intersted in building something new -- and I mean totally different from these fucked up "single-owner" sites that benefit from the contribution and efforts of many and then shit on various and sundry individuals when they become "inconvenient" is just base exploitation and power-tripping at its worst.

Janet said...

I'm the "grapevine" I think. When I wrote a diary about Collateral Repair funds, CabinGirl emailed me to check the facts and backstory of my diary. I guess my diaries needed to be checked up on...

Anyways she told me in that email that she hoped nothing was bad between us because she was good friends with Tracy and if I hadn't already heard... was dating Booman.

I didn't care then and don't now. We're all grown ups right?

I believe in a phone conversation with Catnip, after Tracy again attacked several of us - I may have mentioned it to her. Not sure. Don't care.

It's too bad they don't defend the voices of all the war resisters as much as they do Tracy.

Yes, she's falling apart. And what are they doing to help her? I worry about her, she's coming unglued. She projects alot of what she does and say onto others.

Instead of being mad at herself or whatever... she strikes out at us. I hope it helps her in some way.

I'm awaiting more death and rape threats via CodePink Portland email...

James said...

Yo Bri - I hear ya there. I'm more of a collective improv cat than a band leader & sidemen cat.

Nanette said...

there are certain members that are drawn to controversy like a flame. I think you can find them by looking at how many people posted their first comment in weeks in the 'outing bloggers' or 'Marisacat' diaries.

Well, I'm probably included in those unnamed "certain members", although for me it's more like months. Actually, I wouldn't even have posted then if I hadn't been attempting to stop Martin from driving off the cliff with spiderleaf. Instead, he stepped on the gas... oh well.

Hi brinn! PS does anyone know the PW for brinn5etc???? Should I just get a new username? ... No, considering how much work we went thru to settle on *that* one ;).

If you guys make a new site, make sure to announce it here. This site definitely has its uses, not only so that there is a place to vent, but also for detailing "the other side" of the story, especially for those who have been banned and lost their voices. So, I'm really glad you put this up here, spidey, cuz I missed half of that. Plus, most of the comments in that one thread were hidden, so what I did gather, I got thru the recent comments list.

catnip, yep on what you said. Also, I still am thinking it was me that told you, but I can't find any record of it anywhere, lol. Plus, it's a ridiculous search, as the story (Martin's), reasonings, justifications keep changing.

spiderleaf said...

catnip, not surprised he admitted that. He is revealing a lot in this whole incident. None of it pretty.

It's interesting what's happening in the community-standards diary. So... I had my 24 hour "cooling off period" can I be reinstated now?

spiderleaf said...

ps - and I didn't get no stinkin' warning either.

olivia, nl, everyone, I absolutely agree our new site should be open and honest... I may even start posting more :)

Janet said...

Oh and I forgot to add... when cabingirl told me she was dating/seeing Booman she didn't say it was a secret or not to tell. I didn't tell catnip out of anomosity either.

Community standards????

well, we know you can't make diaries or posts if your name is Damnit Janet. You can't share your thoughts unless they are backed up by 100% facts and site links.

I've always diaried by sharing my thoughts and emotions. I'm not a journalist.

Tracy's diaries... weren't of journalistic integrity either I might add. Usually they were rambling, screaming, rants.

Spider I'm sorry you and Super and Leezy and others were hurt. But I don't feel so hurt by Tracy or Booman than as I do by the ones who just ate up all she spewed or feel they are "too good" to get involved.

Someone calls you names and disparages all that you are tyring to do... we'll see how they react. Cause it will happen to them soon if they continue to share their diaries.

I always wanted a spot on that sight for activists. Remember? Something along the lines of the vigils and what BostonJoe did. Accidental Activist....

But you can't be an activist there unless Booman and tracy agree with you 100%. Or you'll be criticized, interrogated, and then bashed.

No more.

catnip said...

I like the idea of a new site too although I've been known to join new sites and then not contribute much at all because my own blog keeps me so damn busy.

And hi brinn. :)

Marisacat said...

Hello Everyone!

You mean that Martin is not going to take down the word "liar" and apologise - profusely?


Surely if DD is huffing and puffing the lessers must do as well...

They are such fakes. And since Philly is the issue, so cheese steak. With globular American cheese. Or Cheez Whiz. Yes Cheez Whiz the Kos poster who came to my site and called me "cunt".

The Boyz IMO really like each other. They spew dirty talk to each other ABOUT women.

Well it is a head fake.

For them.

[hi brinn!, I will stop back later... ;)]

James said...

I noticed that Steven D. got the thankless task of begging for Alohaleezy & Super to return. Hate to say it dawg, but seriously, you need to have a heart-to-heart with the dude who runs the joint about treating contributors fairly.

Janet said...

James, I guess I'm not wanted there... didn't see my name in Steven's diary. ... Guess people have totally bought into the crap that I'm a flamer...

I feel sick to my stomach now.

My friend Momagainstthedraft told me not to read the Kos diary by Tracy because so many that she thought were respected members just bought Tracy's stuff, too. She said, you don't want to know what people are buying and now saying about you. ...

sjct said...

Hey, does anyone remember me? I went into lurkdom last summer and no one seemed to notice...

anonymous (brinn's?) comment above really sparked my interest. Would it be possible to set up a site where everyone is an owner? The membership might be small but everyone could say whatever the fuck they wanted and couldn't be banned even by the other owners?

I'm so tired of forced civility and vaguely referring to incidents and individuals so that these meta blow-ups are not understandable without scrolling thru a gazillion comments. I came here because I knew I'd find names named and the situation spelled out. Thanks, spidey, for sparing me the effort and angst.

Gawd! And diane is over there now campaigning for a "Council of Wise Ones" to decide when someone's gotten out of line and what their punishment should be. Gag!

I want a "community" where the participants can tell someone to go fuck themselves if they feel like it. And if they get their tender feelings hurt they can go pout instead of expecting someone else to make the person who offended them shut up.

On my ideal site, Tracy could have an endless thread of insult exchanges with whoever wanted to jump in and tell her that her husband is a murderer and she should just get past her denial. I would be free not to read it, of course. ;-)

Nanette said...

I think the idea of a planned activist, or other community is a good idea, and could become really effective. One has to remember with dkos, bootrib, myleftwing, so on... those are not so much planned communities as they are planned businesses. The purpose of those is to make money for the blog owner, and allow them to have blogging as their primary business/source of income. Me, I've always wondered how they were going to do that by being basically clones of dailykos, especially while still attached at the hip to dkos, but whatever.

Anyway, an actual community site that is community run, has outwardly focused goals (not so much on money making, but on accomplishing specific things) well stated standards, not so much concentration on "blog leaders (mothers,fathers,so on), and more on those who actually propel the sites, the readers and participants, would be a pretty neat thing, I think.

Anonymous said...

I remember you, sjct!! You know it's funny -- so many people just thought I drifted off, never even knew I had been banned...was an eye opener to me for sure about all of the "caring" that goes on....


And yeah, this is still brinn -- couldn't get the blog invite thing to work for me....

Janet said...

As to the activism stuff... so many of those diaries would always devolve into...

"well just because you march doesn't mean my contributions with lte and petitions is less than..." crap.

I've always said time adn time again that signers and marchers supported each other in ways.

Somehow, somewhere along the line somene started the notion that people who march are somehow "attention seekers" or have some "hero syndrome"... at least that's what I was accused of LOL

Boston Joe wrote a few great diaries about the gearing up, the preparation.. find a fucking place to park, walking to the event with your signs... usually alone. I did a few of those as well.. But they always turned into criticism rather than ideas or support.

And that right now my dear friends is what is so needed by those who choose to/or can march.


spiderleaf said...

sjct, damn good to see you!! I had wondered where you wandered off to... so glad you came on by!

I love the idea of a communal "ownership" concept.

We'll get the domain today if we can all agree on a name... super, blueneck, scribe, would love to hear your thoughts as well. (of course we'll have to make sure it's available)

Throwing one out there to start it up... The Liberal Corner?

Nanette said...

Janet, I don't think Steven actually read any of the stuff, was just going by a comment someone made, so he might not even be aware that you've also left the site. Dunno tho.

marisacat! I'm glad you're here, as I've not been able to comment at your blog in ages - it doesn't say it's moderated or that I need to do this or that... my comments just disappear as if they never existed. I've not tried lately, cuz I sort of gave up, but still. I have just today registered with wordpress tho, so that I could leave a comment at that hideous site, so maybe that'll help.

sjct - lol, good luck with that one.

sjct said...

I don't care what a new -- truly free and honest -- site is called. I just want to be sure I can afford the ownership. And it needs threads where you can respond directly to a comment instead of the comments being in a long line. What's that called? I forget.

Anyway, what does it cost -- the server and software? Then we know how many owners -- at a minimum -- we need to actually do it. I'm very serious about wanting to do it but I'm also seriously short of funds...

Anonymous said...

spidey -- I have no problems with "liberal" in the name, but "corner"?? dunno, don't like corners much!

catnip said...


Good to see you here. I was looking for your e-mail addy on your site but couldn't find it. Holy Blogosphere Crap, Batman! That whole DD thing was quite the piece of bloggy theater, wasn't it? And even after numerous people have pointed out that DD outed himself, hundreds still rail against you while others like Martin refuse to correct the record. What DD wrote about you was so incredibly vile (calling you the c word) and to see a woman (Elise) defending the use of that word by going on a ridiculous tangent about how c's are beautiful therefore the c word is not an insult made my head spin. Pansies are beautiful too but not so much when the word is used to denigrate gay people, n'est-ce pas?

Wow. Talk about willful cognitive dissonance. And the fact that it's contagious is just plain scary.

Hi sjct,
I hadn't forgotten about you. Welcome back to the sleeper cell. Actually I thought this place served pretty well as a forum for people who wanted to tell other people to go fuck themselves. Tracy had her go around here - no holds barred - and we were all quite free to express our opinions as we still are. Nobody was banned or censored and we all managed to come out alive.

Your point about the business aspect of those sites is well-taken as we've had that discussion here before with Martin. Motivations are definitely important and this idea that "others" (whether they're sponsors, ad buyers or right-wingers) are watching affects how a blog owner feels the need to "protect" their blog.

I'm not beholden to anyone on my blog so I manage to piss off the left, right and center. Who cares? I sure don't. That blog isn't my livelihood and if anyone is offended there are millions of other blogs they can visit. I'm just in it to tell the truth as I see it. That's why I blog.

NLinStPaul said...

Hey spidey, I'm TERRIBLE with names. Hope others can help with that. But if there is anything else I can do (including if you need some start-up funds), just let me know.

I'll also make sure scribe knows about all this. I heard from her earlier this afternoon and know she'll be busy the rest of today. But I'll send her an email and tell her to hop over here when she gets a chance.

supersoling said...

I don't care what it's called either as long as we have no blog fathers and mothers.

Check this out, a new member gets it. And of course, so does Oui

NLinStPaul said...

I just saw that comment too Super. Amazing how he summarized the WHOLE situation in just a few sentences. Brought a smile to my face. Can we invite him to come on over and play with us???

spiderleaf said...

please do! I'd do it myself but... ;)

s/he is bang on.

blueneck said...

How about "liberal soapbox", if ya wanna go for that raw ranting feel with no holds barred.

or "liberalogic" if you want a more reasoned feel with some moderating going on a la catnip's comment in the previous post's comments.

or maybe "liberal line" for a more journalistic thing.

or "global exceptionalists [or ism]" for a world-view approach :)

And now I really get the whole story on this stuff that's been going on. Wow, that's all I can say. I've had my eyes opened even further now. I especially liked the link to the MT quote about how she pays him to have a community all ready for her whenever she needs it... Jeeeezus! Talk about sicko...

And, for what its worth, I think the whole community board idea will fall through over there, but I'm engaging in formulating rules for it as an intellectual exercise. In theory, it could work if there were not the constant threat of veto my BM over anything the board would want to do. He could agree to everything and anything until the next crisis comes up and I'm not sure that many of us have much of a trust level left to make us really want to invest in being on such a board, anyway. We'll see. It'll be fun to watch, and I don't really mind telling rightwing trolls to piss off wherever I find them. LOL!

blueneck said...

btw, If that board thingy really happens I'll petition for some stuff to be done right away. :) LOL!

catnip said...

Martin The Decider decided there were WMDs...I mean "lies"...and that's just the way it is.

"There is no civil war".

Repeat after me.

catnip said...

and psssst spidey...he did the same thing with me...saying I only showed up there during controversies when in fact I'd been posting about other stuff in the's not about you.

Anonymous said...

and he said it about me it's not just a Canadian thing!


catnip said...

I think I posted this a while ago somewhere here when Martin was in on the conversation but in the midst of this "community council" discussion going on at BT now, I thought I'd post it again.

This is from The Next Agenda community blog's FAQ:

The Next Agenda favours a political philosophy of progress toward better conditions for all Canadians. We respect the rights, opinions and practices of others. We embrace new ideas and positive change. We uphold human rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights, environmentalism, multiculturalism, universal healthcare and education.

The Next Agenda does not represent a specific political party but supports political candidates and elected representatives who demonstrate a commitment to progressive ideals. The Next Agenda is a place for sharing ideas, informed and civilized debate, and rousing the community to action. It is not a place for hateful comments, bigotry, authoritarianism or unwarranted smear campaigns.

I think that's pretty damn simple.

blueneck said...

yup, catnip, the rules are pretty simple, but it's the enforcement of the rules that's always the problem, isn't it? Who's the decider(s)??? I appreciated your comment in the last post about being the enforcer at your own blog. It seems as though you have done a much better job of being even-handed about things.

catnip said...

The enlightened new member has now left the buidling. Probably better off, afaic.

Once everybody agrees to the rules like those at the Next Agenda, the enforcement ought to be simple - a violation is a violation. It's not about personalities or friends or who you marched in Washington with. It's about judging the behaviour. Anyone who claims to be a friend to someone and encourages their unruly behaviour is not a friend in the true sense of the word anyway. That's just an excuse used by people who are driven by fear.

My motto has long been that tolerance ends where abuse begins and I don't care who it is that's doing the abusing - a family member, friend or someone I've met on the internets. I don't tolerate abuse - period - because I have these things called "ideals" that drive me to want to make the world a better place. That world happens to include everyone I come into contact with and if people try their damndest to just create chaos, they sure won't get my support and I will not sit back and do nothing so that I'd end up enabling them. That's my bottom line.

spiderleaf said...

And what is the view that Boo has always inclined to?

The secret to well-regulated blogging may be as simple as telling the prick, "Don't be a prick!" I've done it on this board ("Instead of kissing your ass, I'll kick it.") at least once. Lo! Booman stepped in and did his duty as the Master of the Pond. The prick is no more among us by whatever agent -- self-imposed exile or banishment.

Funny how he's remained silent until a kossack comes into the discussion.

That says it all for me. He wants to behave like Markos. "Master of the Pond indeed.

If someone wouldn't mind pointing bogo bear over here as he's asked for a succinct explanation of what happened... and I think he'd fit right in. :)

spiderleaf said...

blueneck, I like "global exceptionalists" :)

catnip, those rules are great, I'll have to go check out the Next Agenda. Thanks for the reminder of your previous post... and I do admire how you handle your sometimes 'testy' threads.

catnip said...

Well, well, well. this in interesting:

Militarytracy said...
Do any of you know who Catnip is in real life? Just asking because she has fed all of my personal information about me that she could find to a "special forces nut" in order to get even with me. She's really nice.....see we had a little blog fight and now well, real big shit is about to hit the fan now!

October 13, 2006 11:35 AM

She was actually trying to out me!

As for the "special forces nut", that would be this guy:


Considering I don't even know "all of her personal information" and that, however, she posted her full name on BT last year (which I didn't even pay attention to and only found when I was googling today to find an old comment she'd written about the troops that was just vicious - remember that one guys?), I think what we have here is another Delaware Dem bullshit outing fiasco.

Just what was she planning to do with my information, I wonder. Considering how mentally unbalanced she is, I'd say I have a right to be concerned.

As for what I did send to that "special forces nut" it was a link to her denials that he was even in the special forces.

All of her personal information? Not bloody likely. I still don't know all of her personal information but if she's so damn concerned about her anonymity, maybe she shouldn't post her full name on the internet.

I wonder if Martin considers trying to out someone, as she did with me, a bannable offense.

Oh right. What was I thinking??

The woman is dangerous.

catnip said...

Seriously, the fact that she was trying to out me has now left me feeling deeply disturbed. Just what was she hoping to do with my information?

I blog anonymously to keep a former abusive spouse from tracking me down. Apparently, my reason for my anonymity ranks much lower than her need for revenge.

This revelation has certainly left me shaken and worried.

spiderleaf said...

catnip, that is absolutely appalling and I am concerned as well. That was a threat to your physical safety.

I suggest you contact the RCMP. I would provide a summary (no more than 3 paragraphs) of how you know her (ie. from various political websites), how the issue came to a head, and then the comment from October trying to find out your information, for what can only be nefarious reasons. You know how seriously the RCMP takes these issues. That is deplorable.

I can post it as an update if you are cool with that?

spiderleaf said...

oh, you may want to mention that you are concerned about any private email correspondence between any site members or lurkers reading her plea.

catnip said...

I don't think this is a matter for the RCMP. There's no proof she's done anything besides threaten to reveal my identity. I'll say this though - that proves what I've been saying all along - she's unhinged and not to be trusted.

Remember this rant of hers?

Let me just close by already admitting that I am not as enlightened as all of you and I stand for everything that is evil and wrong in the world and if you could only just get rid of me everything would be perfect. Perhaps you could contract with Hezbollah and they send you all a nice sniper to remove me and then we can finally have World Peace because it is myself and my husband and family that stands between all of you and that reality.

And how she went on and on about how her husband's job was in jeopardy because of the stuff being written about the military on the blogs she participated on? Whatever happened to that excuse?

That is also when I promptly told her to go fuck herself as it was obvious that she had totally flipping lost it and had snapped into a kind of paranoia that required professional help (and I did it in a nice way, as well). Oooo...but I had no right to even suggest such a thing. I was the enemy, after all.

For those of you hoping that somehow BT will turn into some magical paradise of progressive politics where everybody will now behave themselves under the rule of this new council or whatever, good luck with that. I sure don't see it happening.

spiderleaf said...

I only mentioned the RCMP as a precaution. To put it on their radar. That sentence "now well, real big shit is about to hit the fan now!" after asking for your personal information, and her constantly unhinged comments.

I don't see anything changing with BooTrib either. SN and Teach are on patrol now.

Meh, let's build our own site and move forward.

catnip said...

Well I'd sure as hell like to know what that "big shit" was supposed to be. It's not like I'm hiding anything that would be worthy of People magazine for crap's sake. I'm just an ordinary person with a blog. No mob connections. No terrorist ties. No sordid mysteries in my life. I'm a flipping grandmother in Canada who writes about stuff. Just WTF did she think this "big shit" was about? If there's something that big about me I'd sure like to know about it.

I did forward that information to Martin to ask him to tell her not to go down that path. If she does and something from my past (ie. my ex-spouse) comes back to haunt me then I damn will take some action and the entire flipping blogosphere will know about it. Trust me. She has no right to put my life in danger.

blueneck said...

the enforcement ought to be simple

catnip, you are so right. It ought to be. But, over there the rules ares not currently being applied in a fair and simple way. The community, in order to try to make it more fair, is wrestling with a community approach that they hope will be better than the current 'one man's opinion' system. It might work better than what's there now, if given a chance. I favor the 'change course' argument, not 'stay the course' and hope that things will get better. Ultimately, it may not work at all, but I don't blame the ones who are trying to do something about the broken and arbitrary manner in which banning is currently applied. I don't think it has to do with caring for BM personally, I think they think that there is a community still there that is worth trying to fix. Some obviously think it can't be fixed, some think it doesn't need fixing at all, some think that using the existing system mo betta will work. I'm watching and waiting, with a clinical interest in the outcome. I'm not invested personally with the site per se anymore, but there are still some good folks over there trying to help out, imho.

and, please take care of yourself and your anonymity. Do whatever it takes, I'm with you on that one. I sort of half-surrendered anonymity by letting a photo or two of me be posted over there, but I'm still pretty covetous of my contact info and my real name. I really don't have anything to hide, but living in one of the reddest of red states, there are some serious wackos around here, so I prefer to play it safe.

spiderleaf, I sort of included 'global exceptionalists' as a semi-joke, self-aggrandizing remark, as someone here praised me for the 'global exceptionalism' diary I wrote a while back at BT. But if the group likes it (Ohmigosh, youreallyreallylikeit!) you are welcome to it. It's sort of a self-contradictory, cognitively dissonant construction designed to make people think, in my original desire/design. I'm not convinced that it totally works, but I'm happy to give it up for the greater good, if greater good it would be...

Nanette said...

I was just coming here to mention that i liked 'global exceptionalists' too. I think it would be a great name - and would give an instant impression on the site without hanging labels (liberal or whatever) on it. Would also be more likely to draw international visitors, I would imagine.

NLinStPaul said...


Way up there somewhere you asked someone to go invite bogo bear over here. I looked and he doesn't have an email listed. And I don't want to go into one of those threads and mention this place because I'm worried about who might come.

But if others are ok with mentioning this place over there - I'd be happy to do it. Just thought I'd check first.

catnip said...

I'll dissent. I don't like the name "global exceptionalists". It might be seen as a forum for exceptionalists - a topic, ironically, that has caused some rather heated debates over at BT.

(I wish I could write like Norman Mailer.)

catnip said...

Why do I get the feeling that the community is just coming up with a non-binding resolution that The Decider will probably just ignore anyway? ;)

catnip said...

Hey Janet,

The AP has a story about the arrests:

6 Women Arrested at Ore. War Protest

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Police arrested six women, most of them grandmothers, as they blocked access Friday to a military recruiting center to protest President Bush's decision to increase troops in Iraq.

The protesters - ages 49 to 75 - sat in front of the recruiting center and refused to let anyone in or out, and some used wheelchairs as props, said Cristy Murray, a spokeswoman for the Surge Protection Brigade.

"We decided to prevent them from coming up with those troops," she said, referring to Bush's decision to send 21,500 troops to Iraq. "We want to stop the recruiting of our valuable young people in this country to a place they don't belong."

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz said the women were charged with interfering with a police officer, and five also were charged with disorderly conduct. Operations were back to normal at the recruiting center by midday, he said.

Members of the loosely knit group also appeared a few weeks ago at the federal courthouse in Portland, handcuffed together to block access. Murray said the group has 20 or so members on its e-mail list, but that others show up from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Scribe here, Hello all you good people. Just stopped in to see how Diane thread was doing, and had to bolt right back out because Tracy was there, busily trying to screw the whole idea around so as to make it work to protect...HER.. from all the nasty folks who call her husband a murderer. I honestly got nauseous and thought my head was gonna explode.

I've just plain had it. I've been taking care of emotionally disturbed, mentally ill patients for 45 fucking years and I GET TO BE DONE WITH IT, DAMMIT! I JUST CANNOT STAND TO BE AROUND ANY MORE OF IT. I cannot stand watching how this shit spreads like a cancer. I've hit the damned wall. I need some sleep. Be back tomorrow when I am thinking more clearly.

Just please all of you, take care of yourselves, ok? Take a break from the toxic stuff when you can, and do something disgustingly healthy instead, deal? I'm off now to follow my own advice for a change.

Nite all.

catnip said...

ruh roh...when scribe has lost it you know the whole thing is outta control.

((((((hugs)))))) scribe

Have a good rest. I had taken a break from the toxic stuff for a long time yet my name keeps popping up in the middle of it. That's annoying.

spiderleaf said...

ruh roh is right.

{{{scribe}}} good to see you... and we'll talk more tomorrow. Absolutely good advice to get out of the negativity.

And with that, I've posted what I hope to be my last updates of the night. Insulting bile, all of it.

spiderleaf said...

NL, I wouldn't mind you telling bogo, and in the thread below blueneck mentioned he didn't mind if anyone read what we wrote here... I would just really hate to lose touch with someone like that... might only check in tomorrow to see if he had any replies and then skedaddle. Not that I would blame him.

Does anyone object?

catnip said...

Does anyone object?

No but I would like to know what you're going to do about this global warming that you started.

blueneck said...

hey catnip! I have just decided that you are soooo right about the non-binding resolution, and I also just realized that the whole organization thing is about Tracy, it's all about Tracy all the time now, and I'm sure she's getting her little center-of-attention fix from the whole thing. ANd even I fell for it, ME, the one who is supposed to be immune because I've learned about those kinds of manipulations!!! HAHAHA! How ironic, the whole community is buzzing over how to fix the fact that BM has no intention of ever banning Tracy for anything. Tracy has now decided that the whole site should take a vote on whether or not they can respect the military and if they can't she'll happily leave! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

James said...

The place should be renamed the Tracy Tribune - all Tracy, all the time.

blueneck said...

hmmm, I object on behalf of super's wishes to not draw any specific attention here. If he arrives and says otherwise, I defer. Anyhow, I have a sneaking suspicion that bogo bear already knows about us......

Also, to catnip, to explain the 'global exceptionalism' thing, it comes from a diary I posted at BT offering up a refutation of and an alternative to the stream of "American Exceptionalism" crap that was going on at the time. I understand your objection to using the term exceptionalism at all, but I wanted to co-opt it into service for a larger vision. I'm not hung up on having a blog named for it but it seemed to work, for me, in that place at that time.

catnip said...

Tracy has now decided that the whole site should take a vote on whether or not they can respect the military and if they can't she'll happily leave!

Is that just a general impression or did she actually say that?

The update spidey posted about who baited whom etc ought to be the prime example of what is wrong at BT. By ANY measure anywhere (on any half decent blog) the comment Tracy made was trollish. The context doesn't matter. You rate the comment, not the context or what happened before or last year. How anyone could read that comment and decide that she was not acting like a "prick" is beyond me. But has to be analysed six ways from Sunday because poor Tracy just might have had some justification to tell someone to fuck off and die, right?

Yes, that is how dysfunctional the community is right now. And how many times in the past have members assured each other they'd step up and take charge via ratings? Yup. Been there, done that. It didn't work.

There was a measure of peace when Tracy left BT for a while ergo it is not a big stretch to suggest that she be banned for the good of the community.

And seriously, her own daughter posted a diary (supposedly) begging her to leave there but she's still there. Is there anyone...anyone out there who doesn't believe this woman needs professional help? Just how absolutely stunned do you have to be to ignore what your own daughter is screaming out for? How selfishly deluded? How utterly incapable of coping? How addicted to crisis? How bloody insecure?

And yet her enablers just keep pushing her along - right into that wall of insanity. You see, that's what they don't want to admit. How their actions are contributing to her sick drama.

Some of them need to look up "co-dependent" on Google.

supersoling said...

I've changed my mind about anyone reading here. The more i read over there, the more I'm starting to believe that Global Warming couldn't possibly Spiderleaf, it's caused by all the friction Martin is generating by jumping through Tracy's hoops over and over again.

As to bogo bear, yeah, I think that one is an insurgent. From where I know not.

catnip said...


spiderleaf said...

I wish it were just a turn of phrase catnip...

If it is decided that the complexity of being respectful of those who are active duty military is more than the community can manage, I am fine going. I don't know how you could or would vote on it, but if you came up with a way and a majority did not want to deal with that and it was acknowledged to me I am alright with going my own way.

PMS Purchase More Shoes
by Militarytracy on Sat Feb 3rd, 2007 at 10:25:16 PM EST

catnip said...

Can ex-BT-pats vote?

Actually I guess I'm still a member there so maybe I could rig the voting process somehow...I know hackers, you know. ;)

(I'm sure that will come back to haunt me if the site ever goes down.)

And, as for this supposed "complexity of being respectful of those who are active duty military" - a hearty fuck you Tracy. You've trashed the troops in the past. How condescending can you be? WTF is so "complex"? Look up "psychological projection" and get some therapy.

catnip said...

PMS stands for Put up with My Shit (or else)

catnip said...

Oh holy shit. Found this via mariscat's blog. Someone is out to get her. WTF is wrong with people??

spiderleaf said...

an insurgent eh? yes, could very well be. but not quite yet an enemy of the state.

James said...

Funniest comment so far (by someone going by DougWatts):

I'm sorry, is this a meeting of the Judean Peoples' Front
or the Peoples' Front of Judea ???

James said...

That place could use a few good insurgents.

spiderleaf said...

hey catnip, last post before I head off to bed... yeah, that's some sick shit eh. And to think BooMan participated in demonizing Marisacat on his frontpage for a full day. In two posts. And refused to correct the record when it was proven to him Del Dem outed himself. I asked him to as did others.

The "netroots" is imploding all based on their own actions.

James said...

Yup catnip - I'd seen that site earlier this afternoon. I'm guessing it doesn't take a rocket scientist to hypothesize the person(s) behind it. Once the drive for revenge for real or (in this case perceived) slights kicks in, things get very ugly. The anti-Marisacat site reminds me of Scotchtape Fuckwad taken to an uglier level.

catnip said...

It's just sick, sick, sick. All of it. Pretty soon we're going to lose the name "the angry left" and they'll start calling us "the sick left". I guess this is what people do once their heroes finally achieve success in congress huh? Everybody must be spectacularly bored now or something...

Funniest comment so far (by someone going by DougWatts):

I'm sorry, is this a meeting of the Judean Peoples' Front
or the Peoples' Front of Judea ??? you have a link for that?

James said...

One link, coming up!

The same dude has a couple other zingers.

James said...

I've been half tempted to post an old jpg of Cookie Monster holding a bottle of Thorazine that I have on the other computer - the whole atmosphere over there (I gather Big Orange too) is, well, psychotic.

catnip said...

lol! Absolutely hilarious James. I wonder who that is.

catnip said...


I see I missed what followed from that ridiculous "complexity" post of Tracy's. Yup. Get out now people while you still have some sanity.

So when's this new blog starting up? I can't contribute funds but if I can help out let me know. Will work for cheesecake.

catnip said...


What's a pie war? And how does one start one?
by DougWatts on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 01:04:44 AM MST

catnip said...

Yes, that dkos sure is a place of refuge for Tracy from all of TEH EVILZ troop haters at BT. Yes siree...

Maybe they need a vote over there too to see if they understand this whole "complexity" issue. What? She's not calling for one there? Oh. Hmmm... I guess small ponds attract more attention for those who wish to control the dialogue.

Marisacat said...

Poor Martin. Tracy sends him cash each month. And apparently, one may extrapolate, she bought herself admin access. She is the New ARMANDO. Who also is an admin at Dkos, still at Wingless and at TalkLeft. One of the more explosive personalities on the so called left political blogs.

And now Tracy. The military wife... and she will shove it down your throat.

Basically for a few bucks she emotionally owns BMT.


BTW, there is a bit of a debate going on.. that Dkos will drop BMT from the blogroll.

It was always pretty clear that tho there were good people at BMT, some wonderful diaries (and Martin is too selfish - or just lazy - to open the front pge, he never elevates good diaries) that the Dkoswhacks regard the place as Agony AUnts.

Well... agony Tracy. And Martin caused it.

Oh yes LOL do check out my namesake site. they call it Outing Marisacat, the Chihuahua Watch (I think).

Best guess Delaware Dem and his blow up sex toy dolls are responsible. He worked on his DKos diary on his work computer Thursday and I guess Friday on the work compyter he put that together. Tho he claims (or a "delawaredem" claims) at the site he did not...

LOL. Thought he was trashing that moniker.

Oh they lie and lie.

canberra boy said...

Dear friends, I am greatly saddened by the events of the last two days.

I lost faith badly with BT over the revelation of Martin's belief in American exceptionalism. Then Tracy was allowed to run rampant over the site with her personal abuse and 'prickish' behaviour. Allowing Ductape to be driven out was a further mistake.

I haven't had much heart for BT in recent months, but I kept in touch enough to see that several of you bothered to post great diaries and comments.

Now the latest blow-up, it seems to me, has again been a result of MilitaryTracy's intervention and the favouritism shown to her.

I am willing to contribute modest funds towards the costs of another community site: the name is less important than the philosophy and the contributors.

Janet said...

Catnip and others,

I am deeply concerned about tracy now wanting more info on Catnip.

I think only Catnip and Spiderleaf know of this but now I no longer care about tracy's feelings or instability... and I want others to protect themselves.

When I left BMT last time, I received two horrible emails via the CodePink Portland "email the webgoddess" site.

One was a "hate mail" that was along the lines may you and your family feel be ashamed at how you are abusing military families

the worst one, and possibly the WORST email ever was a a "RAPE THREAT" - a one paragraph, long and rambly rant of hate and cussing.

Instead of sending them on to National, if I get another one, I'll forward it to Catnip because this time I wan't to know ecactly who it's from not just where.

ALSO: I never once called Tracy's husband a war criminal! Booman and her are perpetuating a distortion of my words which were based on my support of Watada and seeing a military wife flip out at the last rally. I said, that we were talking in the car ride back about how her husband was only doing his job, following his orders because he had a family..

Someone mentioned that the engineers of the trains to the concentration camps had families, too. Didn't make it less wrong.

THAT is what Tracy flipped out about.

And... let me add what my military husband has said on this topic... Military dependants are not civilians they are not allowed to protest the government. This is why there are such safety measures for Gold Star Familes and Military families Speak Out. So it doesn't matter what we bloggers did to upset her hubby and his staff... the simple fact is - she protested this war in several ways. And that BS about how we pissed off some military men via our blogs... I can see it now, "oh I think this war is wrong but some hippie chick wrote something mean so I will continue to support Bush"... yeah right. Makes as much sense as her kid writing a diary on BMT. If that wasn't a pant load, I don't know what else.. OR either a severe cry for help by her daughter which I guess has gone unheard. "Dear Mom, the only way I can try to communicate with you is via a diary..." oh good grief doesn't that seem like there's some major communication issues going on in that family?

The main issues is she is projecting all of her "sins" on everybody else. She's basically just another damn Freeper who is wearing the "this shit doesn't stick on me" suit of "military".

blueneck said...

Hi canberra boy!

I agree with your assessment(s). However, I've gone from being sad to being entertained in the span of a few hours... I had a great belly laugh last night, the likes of which I haven't had in a long long time when BM tried to twist MT's insanity into reasonableness yet again....

I would contribute to supporting a new site and I don't care what it's called either.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a total lurker at BMT, I don't even have a username, but I've been reading it for a while. Last summer when this all blew up the first time, my feelings were that you guys were the problem. Looking back now, I was totally WRONG, that is some pathological shit going on at BMT. I'm sorry I misjudged you all, you were right all along, and I hope you do find a way of building a new community where the "rules" of "prickishness" are pretty damn simple. Heck, maybe I'll lurk there too, I've learned an awful lot reading this blog. Thanks and take care, be safe.

blueneck said...

janet, the girl is totally wacko. Protect yourself.

anonymous, you are waking up just like a lot of us have in various stages and at different times.

Janet said...

Thanks Blueneck, it' so good to see you! I really missed many at BMT that I couldn't read elsewhere. Anywone know where SusanW writes? I miss her writing.

I read the Bi-polar discussion.. and that's my dad. I think that is why me and my brother felt "guarded" around tracy when we met. There's a charge in the air of "don't piss off this woman"... Walking on eggshells was a precise statement. One tells themselves they like her, but there's an almost "caretaker" mentality to that friendship.

We met. And there was no denying we obviously weren't alike. I think so many at BMT wanted us to be the same. That there's some tug of war controversy between us. There isn't. It's just that she wanted me bound and gagged to suit her whims. And they are whims. She changes her stances/excuses more than Bush mangles speeches.

I will be careful. I'm going back to bed for a bit... long week at work which was doubled with the crap of this stuff weighing in. But I think things will improve now. Before, I just left and nothing was done or changed. Now... so many others were hurt. Maybe if I had done a GBCW diary or something others would have been spared this ... this BS.

I'd better go. A certain black kitty is trying to nudge me out of my chair. :)

Tomorrow is the day. Whew.

NLinStPaul said...

Good morning all. I'm so glad you added that last update Spidey. That interchange was what sent me to bed last night. My jaw dropped and I just said "enough already." In addition to your reaction about that vile speech being "ok" if it was directed to you (WTF!!!), it astounded me that someone who was so involved in all the conflict didn't even f'ing know how/why the initial problem got started. Sure proves the point that you see what you want to see.

For right now, I think I'm done with all that. I'll probably continue to monitor it all, but "Tracy's Place" is not a community I can be a part of. I'm just sad for others there that you can see are still struggling with it all and have lost heart. And I don't think Teach gets how much he's asking that the place becomes like the orange place. Oh well, it just means we need this new place, whatever we call it.

NLinStPaul said...

Oh, one more thing. Did you see Spidey that your "Gore" diary is back on the Recommend List right now? That just brought a bit of a chuckle for me this morning. The banned member who is responsible for all this is on the recomment list - ha.

catnip said...

The new proposed RULEZ:

Modification of Site Etiquette Resolution

It is hereby resolved that the site rules of conduct shall be that vicious ad hominem attacks are forbidden.
Vicious is defined as ANY use of profanity in an attack against another member, ANY suggestion that a person needs to seek psychological counseling unless they are asking for personal opinions and interventions from the community, and ANY SUSPECTED outing attempts.

Vicious defined as suggesting that someone needs professional help when they clearly do - even if it is suggested in a non-threatening way? Wow. (ie. someone posts about how utterly depressed they are and that they wish it would all just end but, wait a minute, they didn't ask for help so if you suggest they get some help you're in big trouble. But we all know that rule is just for Tracy's protection anyway so she can keep steamrolling all over everyone without being challenged to seek help.)

Any "suspected" outing attempts? Now that's just rife for abuse isn't it for people who don't actually have that thing called "proof"? "So and so tried to out me! Trust me! I don't have proof but they're a "suspect"!"

Yes, I can see that one's going to work. NOT.

And let's not forget, of course, that Martin still hasn't corrected his posts about Delaware Dem's so-called "outing" in which he outed himself and the malice directed towards mariscat as a result. Oh but there was no "profanity" in that attack and Martin is, after all, the site owner so that doesn't count.

And this is cheery, isn't it?

It means that if you attack someone in a way that is vicious, as determined by community consensus, you will pay.

"You will pay."

So much for the "progressive community". Even the wingnuts don't post such extreme authoritarian-speak in their FAQs.

Nanette said...

Just a quick drive by post, but I think one thing that would help others understand is if those who are still trusted users or whatever (and not banned) at BMT would unhide Tracy's first comment... as the rest of the discussion was hidden from there on out, thus hiding the record of all that mess. Which is causing a bit of confusion among infrequent visitors, as they can't figure out what all the fuss is about. Maybe change the 0's to 1's or 2's or something. Dunno if that is possible.


I had a great belly laugh last night, the likes of which I haven't had in a long long time when BM tried to twist MT's insanity into reasonableness yet again....

Same here! I couldn't believe that... both of them trying to turn the conversation not only from what it was, about the rules and things, but seeking a way to make Tracy's behavior everyone *else's* fault. To BooMan, apparently the issue is not whether Tracy (or anyone else) can refrain from being "a prick", but whether the rest of the site can figure out a way to tip-toe around enough to not set off Tracy's emotional/mental whackouts and apparently "forcing" her to be a prick.

How in the world one can think to run a "community" in that fashion, I don't know. Unless it's a personal support group of some sort, or a mental health community program, the behavior of one unstable person is not, and should not be the responsibility of the rest of the site.

Nancy, my jaw dropped on that one too.

Okay, I got a little wordier than a drive-by, it seems, lol.

blueneck said...

Ouch. Some of that language was stuff I contributed toward the beginning, expecting that it would be a suggestion that would be improved on or modified...

At first, I thought it would work, I still had hope, I had good intentions...

I always want my ideas, such as they are, to be lambasted whenever they are wrong or have unintended consequences or outcomes...

Instead, they were adopted wholeheartedly and without question and without much change or elaboration into the new rulez...

I assure you, I think differently now than I did when I made those suggestions. I am now in the camp that all those rulez will not make a damn bit of difference in the final analysis and that they are a bad idea.

I refer back to your earlier post about simple rules, but regular enforcement, and your post of how things go at your own site in the previous story. Seems very simple to me. No need for bunches of rules, right?

If they eventually adopt that stuff without thinking about it more than they have, then that's what they'll deserve. And when BM refuses to cooperate, sooner or later, it will all fall apart anyway, don't you think?

blueneck said...

umm, that previous post was directed back at catnip,

and now for nanette

Which comment of MT's are you talking about? I did unhide one of them in the first rulez diary by giving it a four.

I'm glad you got a good laugh, also!

Nanette said...

blueneck, -the one in Tracy's kids(?) diary, I think it is, that started the entire mess. The one to supersoling. Also, the vast majority of the comments in spiderleaf's diary are hidden, because of a hidden comment that I assume is Tracy's. Unless they have already been unhidden, and that's possible, I've not checked.

I've never been in favor of hiding comments in even heated conversations, unless they are by driveby trolls or something, as all context is then lost - which makes it awful for nosy people like me! ;)

catnip said...

If they eventually adopt that stuff without thinking about it more than they have, then that's what they'll deserve. And when BM refuses to cooperate, sooner or later, it will all fall apart anyway, don't you think?

Ouch back. I didn't realize you had contributed some of that language but I'm relieved to see that you expected it to be changed.

They can have rules up the wazoo there until the cows come home (how's that for mixed metaphors?). Nothing will change until people put aside their personal stuff and simply deal with unruly situations from a very necessary detached and objective position. Considering the buddy buddy nature of that community, I just don't see that happening. The 'us against them' mentality is firmly entrenched from the top down.

spiderleaf said...

update 5 up with Tracy and super's original exchange nanette.

Not sure how many people from BooTrib will stumble across it though. There might be too many zeros on it to unhide it at this point.

spiderleaf said...

If any one wants they can uprate tracy's initial comment to me in my gore diary (yes, I am laughing it's now in the rec list again ;), that I link to in the piece... where she inserts herself and baits me with why I was banned from dkos.

(although I would appreciate an explanation for the uprate if you do! :))

Anonymous said...

Scribe again. Let's hear it for the restorative power of a good nights sleep! I feel much better today, and am clear on how I feel.

"Terminally disgusted" about covers it. With the whole toxic, dysfunctional scene, and a little bit with myself as well, for once more time, ending up caring more about the well being of a particular PLACE than those who own it do, and expending way too much of my valuable energy trying to keep it going. Bottom line: Boo gets to trash his own blog if he wants to. Because thats what all it really is: it is Boos blog.

It was just PLACE where a lot of real good folks met up and got to know and care for each other.

"IT" was never.. "the community."

WE were the community.

"Community" to me, is a state of being, it's a group of people who want to gather together and come to know and exchange whatever wonders each has to bring to it.

We're free to gather together and form a sense of shared community with each other, whatever kind we want, wherever we please, stay as long as we please and leave when we please to go on to other communities, for more exchanges with even more other people.

I don't have to lose anybody. All I have to do is give you my addy and ask everybody to let me know where you're gathering next, so I can find you! Or if you choose to give me your emial addys, we can also keep in touch that way, one to one.

No, it won't feel the same as it once did when we were all together in THAT particular pond, when it was still unpolluted, such a wonderful place to go swimming together.

It will feel different, and thats ok too. The ONLY thing that truly can separate us permanently is our own choice to let each other "go". And even that can be ok too..if it's simply right time and we've finished what we came together to exchange.

So I am at scribe40@comcast,net, and asking every one of you to let me know where you land from here, so I can find you and stay in touch. My mailbox is open 24/7 and BTW, I do NOT feel ready to fully let go of any of you!

Much love

glo (scribe)

catnip said...

Do you want a hint about what Booman's going to do with the rules he gets?

Exhibit A:

Re: Important issue (4.00 / 5)
I have no desire to tell Booman how to run his own blog.

Doing My Part for the Left,Left Of The Rainbow
by refinish69 ( on Sat Feb 3rd, 2007 at 06:28:31 PM MST
[ Parent | Reply to This | ]

Others have rated this comment as follows:
BooMan 4
Kidspeak 4
AndiF 4
olivia 4
Teacher Toni 4

catnip said...

Can I make the rules for the new place? I imagine they'd start something like this:

And the Lord spake, saying, 'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.'

spiderleaf said...

Janet, I really miss SusanW as well.

spiderleaf said...

anonymous @ 07:35:27 AM:

Thanks for saying that. Means a lot. Yes please do lurk to your hearts content when we get the new site up and running.

catnip said...

Or how about this?

"Friends don't let friends blog stupid."

I'd say that covers it.

Anonymous said...

oh, yes catnip!! You may most definately! I will sign off on that one, for sure! lol

Thanks for the smile!

scribe!!! "Terminally disgusted" -- I've been there! ;) I agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying about community -- it isn't a space or place (especially not online!!), it is US!


supersoling said...

I think it's important to point out that Steven D is very good about elevating member diaries to the front page, but he is the only one so far as I can tell.

To all,
at this point the only thing I'm interested in knowing is where do I send the check for the new domain and blog. I want this ugliness and the ugly participants in my rearview like yesterday.


spiderleaf said...

What a maroon.

The I heart Tracy discussion. But of course "leave names out of it". Right. I really would like someone to bring me back into it, but of course you could refer to me as Gore's nemesis if you need to find some appropriate terminology. Hell, Tracy told me my diary wasn't befitting him... after she had hijacked it.

spiderleaf said...

super, we're working on it now. Need to find the appropriate plugins to have the blog be set up.

In terms of domains... thinking at this point just to host it at wordpress and if the commmunity gets big enough we can ask for a $1-5 donation per year or something to cover domain fees and server costs.

Anonymous said...

spidey -- does wordpress have threaded and/or nested comments? I am not really familiar with that platform...

I'm going to go check on a couple of Open Source thingys I know about and see if they would suit our purposes..


spiderleaf said...

hey bri, it does indeed, but no ratings. I think I could live without those.

sure, love to hear about any OS platforms you could find.

catnip said...

Oh ffs, spidey. That's just a "Look people. I'm The Decider. Flock off already." diary.

2. What is the appropriate way to deal with a member that appears to be suffering in some way and is violating rules?

Can compassion and concern be allowed to bend the rules in any way?

No. Period. Compassion doesn't mean standing by and watching people hang themselves. It means tough love.

Seriously, that's like asking if in the middle of being assaulted you should tell your attacker "look, I know you have a problem...OUCH quit hitting me!...but maybe we can talk this out...HOLY CRAP you split my lip there some way I can help you?...DAMN now you broke my ribs...I'm trying to be compassionate here...WHAT? you have a gun?..."

You get the picture...

Anonymous said...

Here ya'll -- check this one out:

Do you think we could use this? It's free (including hosting) so we could get started on it and if it sucks, we can try something else. the nice thing about this one is that with the free version one is *not allowed* to use it for commercial enterprise, so no one would be making $$ off of it and we might actually be able to try out the communally owned blog idea -- plus it has other nify features like chat and such...anyway, check it out and see what you think.

NLinStPaul said...

I'm contemplating something to say in Martin's diary. But I'm reacting with so much anger that I want to take my time. One of my thoughts is to address that question catnip listed above with a link about the dangers of enabling. I'm lazy, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has a good one they know of off the top of their head.

spiderleaf said...

oh I know catnip, I just think it's hi. larry. us. And if anyone should be baited this time its that ego maniac.

He wants to change the terms of the discussion. Either people should walk away, or confront him on it. Depends on if you're in the mood for a smackdown or not I suppose.

Janet said...

So let me get this straight...

Tracy is stressed so it's okay if she erupts???

Aren't we all stressed out at some point?

We must respect the military and all those who have, know, love, fucked at one time... a servicemember??

Whad do they mean "respect"? Does that mean we just blindly support anything in a uniform or anyone that says they are married to someone in a uniform?

Screw. That.

And truly, some of the things that were said about me by others.. yeah... I looked in the Big Orange... I thought they were
1. friends
2. smart
3. or both

I guess not.

Anonymous said...

fuck 'em Janet -- that thread aty dKos was just too damned much for me -- i started out concerned and then moved through pissed off to totally indifferent....I just can't believe that she is dragging her daughter in this way (either by writing that damned thing herself or ignoring the blatently obvious scream for help that it represents if actually written by her daughter)...

As for BMT and Martin himself? I'd love to see all ya'll go out in a screaming blaze of glory over there! Call him and her on every piece of total fucking bullshit and then let him ban you *all*!

But, I'm probably just being selfish....


Janet said...

Thanks Brinn, should I do a GBCW diary there? The first time I didn't and I don't think too many people even knew I left or just prettied it up in their minds the reason why I left. Too busy, work, etc etc. I left because Booman allowed Tracy to stomp on everyone.

PS just heard from Marianne of CP I'm not going up with her - she's heading there tonight so she can get a seat in the trial itself. I'll be on the onramp at the gate. So plans changed. But we'll be okay. We'll be there. Just scattered around a hit.

catnip said...

Here's a start, Nancy:

Anonymous said...

actually, the more I look at WordPress, the more I like it....I'll leave it to people with more time to fiddle with it to make the decisions!

Email me if you want spidey!

Janet -- I can't tell you what to do re: GBCW at BMT -- I know that I was pissed off that I was summarily banned and never got to write one -- I felt like I never got to tell my side of the story, nor publically correct the record about some really ugly BS that was said about me -- I'm sure spidey feels the same way, if I could post there now, I would just let rip about a great many things -- it is nice to be vindicated though, if martin had only listened to what I (and others, remember recordkeeper? shadowthief?) were trying to tell him back then...just sorry to see so many good people get shat upon.

If you want me to help you go find choice quotes/exchanges to link to -- I have a bunch saved up from back then...

heh. I am rather pathetic, eh?

love you, hon, do what you think is best, for *you* -- you don't owe anyone a thing...

spiderleaf said...

Hey Bri, we've got it initially set up, just need to add the threaded comments plugin and what not. We can always migrate later, the link you sent looks really cool, but will take a bit of time to explore the platform (well it will for you and CookTing ;)).

Here's the link: Everybody Comes From Somewhere

There's a "request an account" page which should get you set up. I set it to my email to begin with, but I'd like some other volunteers just in case I'm offline. Everyone from here who wants it will be set as an admin.

Nanette said...

Oh catnip, cool beans, I was just looking for that word. That is what Martin is asking (or leading) people in that diary to be... codependents. Which role he seems to have also settled into.

Anyway tho, on the new site, I have a suggestion/request/caveat, whatever - which actually some may feel I have no right to make, especially as I am not much of a participant anywhere, mostly a lurker. But still... one thing that really bothered me when bootrib was first established was all the talk about kos... dailykos this, dailykos that, antikos this, we'll not be like kos that, and so on in the first weeks or so. I thought it was counterproductive - mostly because at the time I was under the erroneous impression that the site was going to be independent from dailykos and build it's own community instead of being a satellite site. It never really did, of course, although bootrib did develop it's own personality... but even then, in comparison to dailykos, for many.

Still, on the new site it's my suggestion that it begins and goes on with a new vision, new goals, new outlook, and little or no mention at all of bootrib (or kos), because there is no real way to achieve independence unless all that is left behind (or left at mo betta, more likely). Hmmm... I may not be putting this right, but there are still kossacks that feel that BooTrib is all about *them*, especially as there is so much cross pollination, with people fleeing kos to immediately right diaries about how evil they are, or coming to favorably/unfavorably compare. Sort of a not so ugly stepsister, I suppose.

Okay, well I have to run and so can't clarify this much until later, but hopefully someone has an idea of what I'm talking about? lol, sometimes I think I should come with an interpreter.

Anonymous said...

It says to set up a Wordpress account and then send you an email -- is that right? Where do I set one up?

And YIKES! that green....YIKES! and green is my favorite color...but not that shade *shudder*

James said...

Just made my request to join up.

spiderleaf said...

Hey CT just spent like 3 secs picking it. It's temporary. Actually in the process of changing it. ;)

Yup. Set up a WP account and send me an email. I'll add your account.

spiderleaf said...

you're in james as an admin.

James said...

Nanette, I'd say you're right on the money. DKos, BooTrib etc are entirely irrelevant at the new place.

Over at MoBetta, well, that's another story. ;-)

James said...

Thanks spidey!

spiderleaf said...

Hey Bri, got your comment. Did you sign up for a WP account yet? Says user not recognized.

Anonymous said...

Coolness!! The green is gone -- like the pen -- can we make it a fountian pen?

There. How's that for being a pain in the ass right out of the chute!?


Anonymous said...


I understand exactly what you are saying and YES, I agree completely -- lets leave all that here....and start afresh!


spiderleaf said...

Hey, sign up for a WP account and then as an admin you can tweak that to a fountain pen if you want. It's one of the WP standard templates.

catnip said...

What green?

That made sense, nanette. I think it's inevitable that people will talk about other blogs but I agree that it's important that it not be seen as being the anti-BT. I think that can be avoided and everybody does have this place for the meta stuff.

Anonymous said...

Done (I hope) -- let me know Spidey!

spiderleaf said...

you're all set Bri. :)

catnip said...

Maybe we need a new thread for the birth announcement of the new blogbaby?

spiderleaf said...

go for it catnip... we could also pimp it at BooTrib... BooMan is fine doing that at dkos for his site... ;)

catnip said...

Btw James, excellent link about enabling.

catnip said...

lol this is your post the baby picture :)

James said...

Thx catnip. Hopefully they'll get the hint.

catnip said...

It was a good reminder of what I need to look at in myself (but I'm glad it validated the "tough love" approach which became a hard and fast rule when I was counselling addicts).

NLinStPaul said...

Love the new place!!!

I know that some of you have been banned at BT and others are officially gone (you blogwreckers you). I'd be happy to put up a comment or diary welcoming folks to "Everybody Comes from Somewhere" if we think we're ready. I'm thinking maybe we want a few days to get things going. What say you?

spiderleaf said...

I say lets wait a day or two until we figure out if we can get the threaded comments to work and we have a couple of posts up ;)

Otherwise, most excellent idea I say!

dove said...

It's a great name, and looks like being a great site.

I think you're wise to try and set it up so that it is its own thing, and insofar as possible, not a reaction to the recent/current idiocy. I'd suggest that it may be easier to set up as its 'own thing' without the linkage back to BT -- as soon as a 'welcome to 'Everybody. . .' goes through, I'd not be surprised if things kick off over there again and then get dragged through to the new site.

Can I just say that I love that you're going to try the non-national thing?

supersoling said...

Earthlings are as specific as I want to get :o)

Janet said...

Earthlings? What about those who may be from transexual transylvania... :)

sjct said...

I gotta say something before leaving it all behind and starting fresh at the new site.

Today I've been thinking back over the bannings at BT and except for the very first one who was a known troll every single other person who has been banned got banned for pissing off the owner.

Am I remembering this wrongly? Was there ever a case where someone was a prick to someone else and Martin interceded and kicked them out?

NLinStPaul said...

sjct, I think you're right. As we've mentioned folks who were banned, one that we've forgotten is starkravingradical, or whatever her long name was. I just started referring to her as stark. I know that she pushed the limits but I always thought that ultimately she was banned because Martin had gotten mad at her for implying he was racist.

And great comment in Martin's "meta" diary!! Notice how it seems that most people are covertly saying that he should have banned Tracy? It renews my faith in the larger group over there.

Nanette said...

Oh good, I'm glad I was understandable. I don't think mention should be forbidden or anything, just that the onsite planning and topics shouldn't be bootrib focused or specific. In my opnion.

Hi dove!! please write (even email!). Thanks.
sjct, the first banning was Galiel, and was also for making him angry. Um... I don't remember what Parker did, exactly, but susan banned her, and booman backed her up, I think. brinn, made them angry. One whose name I can't remember, but she used to post on the our word site, I think she's the one with the Bowers thing? spiderleaf...

Well, hmmm. I don't know who else has been banned, but unless I am missing a few guys (literally) except for Galiel, I'm seeing another pattern here as well.

I have to go do a tour that I am very late for. I will put the new site on it next week, once there is stuff there, and things are settled.

catnip said...

Hi dove!

NLinStPaul said...

Martin did a pretty good "call out" with Tracy in Diane's original "membership meeting" diary and within 45 minutes she had put up what looks to be a GBCW diary. But she "left" last time too, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

spiderleaf said...

yes, but it is so easy to now isn't it? I'm gone, Janet's gone, super's gone, aloha's gone. Who exactly, outside of blueneck atm is she going to argue with? She won. Now Martin's just trying to cover his tracks and appear reasonable. He showed exactly what it was worth to him. Look at his comments in response to you all the while he was pretending he cared about what diane was doing. He isn't reasonable. The problem is gone. Now he is treating his community exactly as the WH treats American's. It's all so sick.

spiderleaf said...

well. it seems more people are asking questions - brenda and salunga in the most recent tracy thread. If anyone, umm, blueneck (you seem to be in a feisty mood ;)) feel like pointing them over here for a succinct explanation and the full text of tracy's hate speech it may benefit the community :)

Kidspeak said...

Hi, folks. Followed Manny's link over here. Great to see Brinn again (if she's here or comes back if she's gone) and the rest of you - interesting people here.

Watching BT over the past three days has seemed like a death watch. It's hard to believe someone could be so obtuse about his own actions as Martin has been.

catnip said...

I posted a new thread because this one has become rather long. Onward! as scribe would say.

NLinStPaul said...

Hey Kidspeak. Yeah, its been hard these last couple of days.

As catnip's new diary here points out, this has been a place for some catharsis. I know that coming here and ranting has helped me keep my sanity over there - which I think is a good thing.

blueneck said...

Hi kidspeak! I share your feelings. Hope all is well with you guys!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi there flame-weary folks, and thx Olivia for pointing me over here. I don't have much to add, other than it feels great to know that others have been having the same WTF reactions to what's wrongly been going wrong over there.

Olivia kept telling me... no, there's a ton of other people thinking like you are, and sent me here. LOL. Good to see all you great folks gathering here. Going to let the dust (well that's a polite way of putting it) settle for a few days, but may be having to pack my blogging bags and moving myself.

Oh and Janet... drop by my place and take a look will ya? :-)

spiderleaf said...

Hey there IVG!!! So good to see you! Come on over to Everybody Comes From Somewhere and if you'd like to be part of the community 'ownership' sign up for a wordpress account and then drop me a line.

So good to see you, and thanks are due to the wonderful olivia for pointing you this way!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Spiderleaf. I've got the new site bookmarked and will be stopping by soon to set up an account. I think I'll let you folks get the early kinks out of it (such as glitches w/passwords and UIDs I saw mentioned above) for a few days though. Looking at a hell week at work, so blogging time will suffer, as it always does.

I think everyone needs a breather from the last few days (I sure do), and though I've largely been silent on the whole thing, it was more due to sheer shock at the ugliness of the whole episode. I've been trying to think of a way to express my thoughts about it over at the other place, but at this point, I just don't see the point. Sigh.

Anyway, good to know where you folks are, and I'll be seeing more of you soon, I'm sure!

CookTing said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cruz del sur said...

Wow! so many known names here. Am I welcomed too???

James said...

Hey Cruz. Come on in.

spiderleaf said...

Absolutely cruz... head on over to Everybody Come From Somewhere too!

boran2 said...

Hiya all. I hope that I'm cool enough to be here.

supersoling said...

You kiddin? The whole place just got triple cool!

Wouldn't want to leave you hangin here :o)
Welcome to the Frog...erm...checkout tyhe new place linked two comments up ;o)

Diane101 said...

Hi too, I've noticed my name mentioned, how's it going over here.

supersoling said...

Hi Diane,
I give you a whole lot of credit for taking on that mess and trying to hammer out a better way forward, even though I suspected all along that it would probably go for naught and rules need to be enforced if they're any good at all.
Check out the link 3 comments up if you're interested :o)

James said...

Hi Diane & Boran2! Welcome to our little corner of blogtopia.

Gurbux Kaur said...

Great blog I have some one in mind that would be interested. Thank you.