Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Inane commentary of the week award

John Arivosis of Americablog deserves the honor:
Dennis Kucinich and Gravel are just annoying.
Sez you. Any thoughts about what either one of them had to say? Didn't think so.
Yeah, I get it, some of you like Kucinich. And that's nice. Joe likes his dog Boomer too.
Patronize much? Again, any thoughts on the content of Kucinich's remarks at the debate?
It doesn't mean he should be on stage with the real candidates. Kucinich has zero chance of winning, as does Gravel - they shouldn't be on the stage taking time from the serious candidates.
On the contrary - Kucinich and Gravel are arguably the only serious candidates there (in terms of saying something). Oh wait - John means "serious" in terms of raising gobs of corporate cash and playing "emperor" should any of those goons actually get "elected." My bad.
Though, oddly, and disturbingly, a number of us at our debate party last night found ourselves agreeing with Gravel repeatedly. It was creepy.
Like, oh my gawd! Like, the next thing you know, we might be agreeing with the person who called orange the new pink (and whoever said that was like totally deranged). Ewww.

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