Saturday, August 30, 2008


Political Fleshfeast is dead.

What had been launched last year as a dubious yet perhaps promising free speechiness alternative to American, so-called "progressive", big box blogs (BBB) by disgruntled blog commenter peeder, has suddenly closed its' doors this Labour Day weekend. According to its owner, it had become too labour intensive...or he needed more time to cook...or some such thing.

The Pff regulars who actually tried to save the swamp have a different story to tell and they're welcome to do so here: the home for Mo Betta META (minus the frat boy pRon and misogyny that Pff had become infamous for).

Where will the newly homeless go now? Has peeder destined them to wander the bloggy desert for 40 days and 40 nites until they find their new promised land? Or will a new incarnation of the unabashedly screeching hall of online hell be created by the next new dissident/saviour/prophet/guru/frat boy?

Stay tuned.


If this is your first visit to Mo Betta, you can read about our blog's purpose here - as written by our "founding father", the sorely-missed Ductape Fatwa.