Monday, January 23, 2012

A new Ductape Fatwa tribute at Tumblr

Since someone beat me to the punch on Twitter, I thought I'd create a tribute blog for our fallen friend on Tumblr: Enemy Of The State (A Ductape Fatwa Memorial). I don't quite know what I'll do with it yet.

Who knows, maybe a few of you who are on Tumblr will be kind enough to follow it, or even better, offer to contribute. He was, after all, not only thought-provoking, but arguably a major force in bringing us together (and in whose absence we flew apart).


Kris said...

I saw an archived flame war about him. Some guy named Bootriboon or something kicked him off a msg board because Ductape wouldn't say people the US bombed were grateful. And how cool it was that US bombed them.

To anybody but Americans that would sound like something made up right?

But to Boo or whatever his name was and his USA pals it was a thing they just took for granted. In their minds of course anybody'd be grateful, that got bombed by America.

It stuck with me because people don't usually talk about it straight up like that. Some people will say it's a poilteness thing. Like calling out some Amazon tribe for believing in evil spirits.

But it's not the same. People aren't scared of the Amazon triibe. But noobody wants to piss off Americans. We just hope if we'll agree maybe they'll skip our town. Or at least our house.

Don Durito said...

Hi Kris, I am sorry that I am not seeing this until nearly a year later. I hope that this reply finds you in good health and spirit, and that you do get to read it. I rarely make it to this blog the way I used to. Ductape Fatwa was a good man, and was kind enough to start this blog right before he left us. It is a tribute to him, of a sort as well, I think. For better or worse, this blog's care has fallen into my hands. I do my best.

Your points are good ones. The only correction I wish to make, with regard to Booman Tribune: Ductape Fatwa was never kicked off or banned from Booman Tribune. In all fairness, I somehow doubt Booman would have banned him, although he certainly had no qualms about expressing his ire at some of Ductape Fatwa's more controversial diaries and comments. Ductape Fatwa did stop posting there of his own free will, largely discouraged by what he saw as a lot of negativity toward alternative (non-Democratic Party) viewpoints at the various "Gated Community Blogs", and roughly around the time he had ceased activity at various other Gated Community Blogs.

Although a lot of my fellow bloggers from the US found Ductape Fatwa's worldview maddening, I found him, his ideas, and his sense of humor a needed breath of fresh air. I miss him tremendously, seven years later. I also miss the community that assembled around him. We were probably a rather divergent lot, in retrospect, and quite possibly would never have bonded had it not been for his presence at that particular moment in time.

I hope that those of us who were once here are doing what we can to be forces for positive change, and Kris, I hope likewise for you. Be well.