Sunday, September 24, 2006

The 'Just in case you were wondering' Open Thread

Just in case you were wondering how some popular blog communities were started:

Actually, I enjoy the bad cop role

It is my legacy online. Whole communities have formed due to their hatred of me (Booman Tribune, My Left Wing, Mariscat's blog). It is fun googling "Delaware Dem" when you [sic] websites saying "Delaware Dem is an asshole."


by Delaware Dem on Sat Sep 23, 2006 at 08:17:19 PM PDT

Well. That solves that mystery!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering why liberals can never get their collective shit together:

Yes, in the end....

that is what I want. I want all Kossacks and all Democrats to speak with an unified voice and have a single goal: winning this election.

I find, among liberals, such unity is impossible. We are anti-authoritarian to begin with. And we cherish not only our freedom of thought but the diversity of it. We kick the ass of anyone who tells us to put aside that freedom for a larger purpose, if even for a short time.

by Delaware Dem on Sat Sep 23, 2006 at 07:19:29 PM PDT

This ends your trivia lesson and explains why we liberals are all such rebellious losers.

Any questions?


catnip said...

Just thought I'd give Delaware Dem one more site to enjoy when he googles "Delaware Dem is an asshole" since it seems to bring him so much joy. We all need more happiness, don't we? ;)

Marisacat said...

boy flatters himself.

He is just an online whip. Functionary.

I think all those thugs and creeps are pretty much equal.

And the Blog Maids of course... ;)

Blog Maid to Aisle 10!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some may also rebel against DD's take on John Edwards. It just came to my attention that he was shocked to discover, at an Edwards gathering, that Edwards has gone so far left that he is now a COMMUNIST.

Lawdy and then some. He has got to get a new dealer, that DD.

catnip said...

Hi Mariscat! ;)

Blog Maids - oh my. lol

catnip said...

Opps. I'd like to buy an "a".

Sorry, Maris a cat.

Pyrrho said...

why can't he handle hearing criticism..?

He discredits his party, and makes it look weak.

"Don't make us take a stand" and "shut shut up, cut the mike"... DD and co think that's strength, but in the real world that ads up to "scared shitless" and "scared of the truth" and "just scared" which is a theme we see used on Democrats time and again.

sadly, it's largely true, they are scared, frightened...

James said...

The dude does seem to enjoy contradicting himself. On the one hand, he celebrates "liberals" (however he may define the term) as antiauthoritarian, yet the same self-styled liberal brags about reveling in the role of "bad cop." He celebrates freedom in one sentence and then is off to harrass alleged "concern trolls" in another.

DD speaks with forked tongue.

catnip said...

Hey pyrrho! Good to see you here.

This SYFPH attitude comes with every election, it seems. It gives the Dems a grace period from hearing criticism when they should be hearing it loud and clear from their base. The threat of losing an election makes polticians pay attention (unless you're Joe Lieberman) - although they certainly give far more time to those with the big bucks than the unruly rabble who hand over their spare change.

Maybe I should just blog about dustbunnies or something...

Pyrrho said...

hi catnip,

you have it exactly right, I have said to this every time I'm involved (words!) that "this is when they listen"... this bounces off them... in fact, it's so obvious they don't even need me or you to tell them, they could see it themselves but he'd rather identify with his party's fortune. The real problem is they have no good answer for much of the criticism... and much of the criticism is to be answered simply by, "well, we're not as liberal as you think we are" and they do not like to say that directly. They don't want to say, "yes, well, we just are mushy on war, torture, abortion rights... we look that way because we do sort of want to vote for those things and let those things happen or be eroded as the case may be".

catnip said...

There's the extreme right - the Repubs - and the regular right - the Dems.

spiderleaf said...

I have a lot of dustbunnies at my place so if you run out of things to say about the calgary ones feel free to use the toronto ones as inspiration.

catnip said...

On the geographic differences of dustbunnies...sounds exciting to me! ;)

catnip said...

Since this is an open thread...I just noticed that dkos is running an ad for Sam Harris' new book. Sam Harris: defender of torture:

I am one of the few people I know of who has argued in print that torture may be an ethical necessity in our war on terror.

Sam Harris: who wrote about Head in the sand Liberals in the LA Times recently. (Of course, Delaware Dem could have written that one too and kos is, after all, a "Libertarian Democrat" - whatever the hell that is - and "liberal" is not exactly the word I'd use to describe him).

But still...a torture defender gets an ad on dkos? WTF?

Janet said...

In case anyone still only watches mass media... there were and are protests going on. Hell it's been super busy in Portland... AND Cindy Sheehan will be in town with us next Monday.

[Photos from Camp Democracy] sent by a CodePinker from Portland who has been staying in DC for the past few weeks. I think about 4 of our ladies have been there so far.

War Resisters have been rising up. The "news" CNN, apologists and warmongers don't want you to know. As well as people with their own unresolved issues.

"Women veterans and wives of resisters speak about their ordeals. Included were Sarah Rich (mother of Suzanne Swift), Col. Ann Wright, Kelley Dougherty, Anuadha Bhagwati and others."

[phot to above quote]

Janet said...

Shit. I don't know how to make the links work. Sorry.

catnip said...

(Hi Janet!)

I see that Sam Harris ad is now gone from dkos but then I ran across this diary by one his admirers that truly shows how the Bushco propaganda has infiltrated the so-called left. When I read it, I swore I was reading the text of a Bush speech. Holy crap. It's just so wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels.

XicanoPwr said...

You should see the new Times article - The Netroots Hit Their Limits here is the money paragraph.

Even with these changes, the Netroots won’t be kingmakers. The fact is, day-to-day campaigning in 2006 is not very different from how it was in 1996: candidates call a few very rich people to ask them to give money so the campaign can run ads on television and hope soccer moms catch them between cooking dinner and driving to practice. If the Democrats win in the fall elections, the roots of that victory will not be on the Net.

IMO if we really want to change things through the blogs - if the netroots try to stop being kingmakers. This will not happened because too many people are in self-denial that they are trying to be kingmakers.

catnip said...

Question from a Canadian who is under the impression that Sherrod Brown has a lot of support from so-called progressives:

Why did he vote with the Republicans to pass the detainee bill limiting their rights and condoning torture?

XicanoPwr said...

the answer is in your question. "so-called" There is a demographic shift in the democratic party and the ideology of the meaning progressive. so those who real progressives better find another name because progressive doesn't mean the same thing any more.

catnip said...

Well, I never could figure out what the hell it meant in Democratic spheres and sites like dkos etc. in the first place. "Progressively angry"? "Progressively raising money"? Progressively chatting with more people"? It sure doesn't look anything like "progressively left" to me.

brinn5etc said...

No questions -- just wanted to say "hi"!!

brinn5etc said...

I am furiously working on my dissertation, though I have gotten a bit distracted this week....I do check in ya'll, I will be back in full forcenext summer (unless I have been disappeared....)

Hope everyone is well!

Oh and spider, shabby treatment you got on MLW by a certain poster....didn't see it until 5 days after the fact so I didn't jump in, but yeesh.

James said...

I know that I've felt "progressively left out" over the last couple years.

boran2 said...

Who's calling liberals a loser? Them's fightin' words.

NLinStPaul said...

Anyone talk to Ductape on the internets lately? I haven't done a thorough seach, but haven't seen him anywhere since mid-September. Just hoping you're ok DTF.

Arcturus said...

I hate that this thing doesn't have a date stamp.

Let them have the word "progressive" - fuck teleology. Just where do you think you're goin', mister?

Got papers?

xp- I think they all wanna be kingmakers, but no one wants to do the hard dirty unrecognized work of working all those people who live their lives entirely OFF-line

~over ... 'n out~

James said...

Arcturus! The lack of a date stamp had bugged me for a while. It hadn't occured to me that any of us could tweak the comments feature to correct for that particular problem. You should see a date and time stamp for each comment now.

Btw...the cds & poetry came in the mail yesterday. Muchas gracias.

Arcturus said...

way cool! on both counts :) & I see my pisspoor typing/proofreading mangled that last comment, which shd read: "dirty unrecognized work of organizing all those people"

Janet said...


Cindy Sheehan is in town and I'll be going to hear her speak

.... and we're going to protest the Regime's latest BS on a... gulp... bridge.

I HATE bridge protests!!! LOL

I'll probably have a diary up afterwards... much later due to work and family...

catnip said...

Hmmm...I don't know where the heck DTF is. Maybe he's busy dressing up his cell phone in the oufits Madame made?

Do we need to buy body armour for you Janet??

Janet said...

No, no need for body armor. Bubble wrap.. now that would be fun. But I'm addicted to popping bubble wrap so it might distract me...

Last night went fine. It turned out to be a street action...OMG it's on the news!!! fuck. I missed it.

It turned out to not be a bridge protest. The speech was great. There was one heckler in the audience.

I got to again meet Cindy. This time I asked: I told her: Each time I go out to a march, vigil, protest, whether it be in DC or out to my post office in redneck Calif... that I would call my best friend before or after. I asked if she would talk to my friend "Mrs. Ski" (momagainstthedraft) on my cell. It made both women smile. My friend was just "shocked and awed" that I gave my time with Cindy to her.

Welll duh... I'll meet Cindy again one day. :)

And ... it made Cindy smile, too. It's good to see her smile. I was glowing.

and I got a signed copy of her boook "peace mom" which my daughter Danni wanted.

Alexa Avila said...

y'all are cordially invited to hang out at my new place:

Janet said...

Hey Catnip or Ductape, could you resend that invite... I have a few ideas that I can add to Mo Betta.

Rants from "The Pissed Off Protester" :)

catnip said...

I did on Wednesday, Janet. Looking forward to your post. Btw, glad to hear the protest went well! I was worried.

supersoling said...

Good morning,
Has anyone heard from Ductape yet? Someone as modest of words as he ;o) couldn't go for long without comment unless there were something pretty important happening to or with him. I admit I'm concerned now.

thank you for the invitation....

give em hell today! I can't be with the protest, but I can be with you and all in heart and spitit.

supersoling said...

I don't think so :o)

Spirit Spirit Spirit!!

Janet said...

It's okay SuperSoling, we can swap spit every now and zen. :)

Thanks for the invite Catnip, I got it finally. I'll have to wait till Monday to write.

I'm under surveilance now. Not sure if it's home... most likely just from events/actions and travel stuff. Can you believe it? I have a fucking file. We're being helped by a group who is requesting the files contents of groups and individuals. I had to go under as a individual and with CodePink.

My fucking country... is dead.

Yeah, where is Ductape??

catnip said...

No word yet from Ductape here.

Do you have to wait to post as a result of some Blogger restriction or are you just short on time? If it's the former, let me know and I'll post it here for you.

Good luck on getting your file dealt with. That could take years. Bastard government from hell.

Janet said...

Just short on time. I'll have a "rant" up probably on Monday - my "day off" to write.

As to the file - I don't have an url for that.. but explanations will be forthcoming soon.

The World Can't Wait protest... got kinda hairy scary here in Portland. CodePink was safe though and managed a bridge protest near the end. But the police apparently are practicing for martial law. They arrested people for standing on the sidewalk. One lady managed to get on the news and basically said that she disobeyed the law to get arrested because she'll get arrested for standing on a sidewalk to show how ironic it is that Bush can disobey ALL the laws and not get arrested for stampeding on us all. THAT made it on the news. Hot damn!

Of course the media is now blaming the undue force of the riot cops on the Black Bloc and other groups... blame the victim... yeah.

catnip said...

THAT made it on the news. Hot damn!


Have a great weekend, Janet. ((hugs))

Monday is turkey day here in Canada but I'll be around to read your post since I'll be doing the turkey dinner thing on Sunday. I'm even making pumpkin pies. Woohoo! :)

Janet said...

Portland "pigs" doing their "job" on protestors yesterday.

This is NOT on all the news. :*(