Sunday, April 15, 2007

kos v Feminism

kos's original post about Kathy Sierra

"progressive" blogosphere outrage ensues

kos's non-apology

"progressive" blogosphere response ensues

one bloggers sums the scenario up quite succinctly

kos apologists fall in line and defend their man


(Mysogynists not welcome. We've heard your crap 1000 times over. It's old, stale, pointless and comes from a place of fear. Go hang out with this guy instead or just do us all a favour and seek intensive therapy.)


David said...

I'm laughing at the fearless feminist.

There's only one reason that groups like feminists support censorship; it's because they know their ideology cannot survive in competition with realistic criticisms.

David said...

Can anyone explain why there are all these stories about a couple of dozen people getting shot up in a school again? This is basically another media invention like Anna Nicole's boobs or whatever. Why do people on blogs give this trivial crap a minute of their time?

Have the feminists milked this one yet? If not I don't see any political interest in this at all.

Today some people died. Huge story.

David said...

Yup. They're going to try milking it.

"we have no proof at this time (and we admit we may never) that cho harrassed anybody online."

Sounds as solid as everything else feminists believe in.

CookTing said...

I've always been a fan of Chicago Dyke. Here's her latest on this brutal affair, and she goes Meta in a manner I thought was fitting of this space:

BTW, if you haven't already noticed, places like MLW are filling up with apology diaries as a result of the heated exchanges on this topic. The discussion there is worth checking out too, imho. I was pleasantly shocked to see this one in particular:

David said...

Yup. The feminists are going to milk it for all they can. Trust them to politicise anything like this. They are experts at stealing sympathy from legitimate causes for their own benefit.

Don't see why it was "fitting" for here though.