Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend Open Thread-- Now With Song Break !!

Just a bit of self-imposed nostalgia. I penned this ages ago in net-time. Every once in awhile I feel an uncontrollable urge to post it again. (To the tune of "I Love Trash," as sung by Oscar the Grouch.) Enjoy !

Oh, I love trolls
Anyone sexist, rude and patronizing
Anyone spamming porn or advertising
Yes, I love trolls !!

I have here a troll with a rank song and dance
Its brains are located way down in its pants
I’ve read better prose in a Cartland romance
I love it ’cause it’s a troll !!

Oh, I love trolls
Anyone fighting the war from his armchair
Anyone clueless on choice or on childcare
Yes, I love trolls !

Now trolls are diverse
They have rich, varied lives
Be they gun-nuts or Rand freaks or “surrendered wives”
Any feminist thought makes ‘em drop dead from hives
I love ‘em because they’re trolls !

Oh, I love trolls
Any triathlete of hate, greed and misquotes
Any ass blaming the world’s ills on my votes
Yes, I love trolls !!

So it’s evil to feed ‘em and pointless to vent
Sure, it drags down our discourse 100%
Still, if you can’t shell out for both cable AND rent
You’ll love ‘em because they’re trolls !!

(last chorus same as the first)


supersoling said...



DavidByron said...

How's that attempt to find any professional site claiming that women are paid less than men for the same work Supersoling? Given up already?

Turning from feminism to another cancer at the heart of so-called liberal America I see there have been a series of diaries at MLW about "Supporting the Troops". Mostly it's the usual set of fascist bullyboys lining up to genuflect to the powers that be and the military machine. Amazing how many rightwingers there are over there.

Still it's much better than it used to be. I think things are getting better and the left is more able to speak out against prejudices like feminism and jingoism. There was even a diary by Curmudgette where the usual knee-jerk feminist screed was actually challenged albeit in a very low-down way because of the censorship rules over at MLW.

DavidByron said...

Feminists flock to support most conservative Democrat contender and war... uh... "troops" supporter Hilary Clinton.

Just as well Condi Rice isn't running.

ms_xeno said...

Since the trend of rooting about for gems from the past was established well before this thread, I'll add another:

...What’s convinced me to discard the robes of political radicalism is not the fear of defending what’s right in a world where you’re rewarded for doing wrong, but the fear of living in such a world at all. For to let the Right claim the very mantle of “mainstream” for themselves, as they have increasingly tended to do, to let them spin off basic values like social equality, human rights, religious tolerance, and peace as the byproducts of a bygone era of amoral “radical” hippies, would be a total catastrophe.

The simple fact of the matter is that the causes and beliefs we advocate are not “radical” in the commonly understood sense of the word, but rather, moderate, sensible, and fair. Conversely, it is the political mainstream that is antithetical to basic human values, serving up indigestible rationalizations for all kinds of cruelties inflicted upon people on a daily basis, fostering cynicism and frustration.

So the way I see it, if we are to be real radicals, we need stop acting like our agenda is, well, radical. We need to focus on the fact that even though our aims have been depicted in such distorted ways that they are not even popular among our target audience -- ordinary people -- we are not just standing up for unpopular justice. Rather, we are standing up for justice that has been unpopularized, because the Right has popularized injustice...

-- From M Junaid Alam's Why I'm No Longer A Radical, published in the Summer of '05.

catnip said...

That's an excellent quote, ms x, and a catchy troll tune. ;) (not that I "love" them...)

ms_xeno said...

catnip, I've been told that it's a love not unlike that felt by people who deliberately buy shoes a size too small- just so they can feel relief at the end of the day while removing said shoes.


Yeah, I like Alam. How come I couldn't be that smart at 22 ? It's so unfair !! [sulk]

catnip said...

22? Ummm...what was I doing again at 22? It's been so long...

it's a love not unlike that felt by people who deliberately buy shoes a size too small- just so they can feel relief at the end of the day while removing said shoes.

fashionistas = troll lovers

I'm neither. I like comfy shoes.

DTF was quite the expert on fashion.

ms_xeno said...

Heh. I don't think that shoes need to be gorgeous and stylish to be uncomfortable. I mean, Birks are some of the ugliest shoes ever made and they still hurt my feet.

catnip said...

I've never owned Birks, but I'm surprised they're uncomfortable. I get by with my $2 black cloth runners. It's not like I'm running around in ball gowns every day - or any day for that matter. ;)

I'm like the "before" pic on those fashion makeover shows. Works for me!

DavidByron said...

I see feminism raising it's ugly head at MLW again...

DavidByron said...

With any group of prejudiced ideologues like feminists I often wonder to what extent they are conscious of their lies and hate, and to what extent it is so internalised that they think it is the truth. Orwell proposed an alternative, or a scale of grey perhaps by introducing the word "doublethink". Doublethink is the ability to truly believe your lies most of the time and then act on the truth when it becomes necessary for the furtherance of your ideology. After the truth has been used it's popped back in whatever dungeon in the brain it came from and ignored again as if it was never there.

With feminist women for example I've often observed that feminist ideology can take a back seat when it hits their desire to raise their sons and daughters without screwing them up completely. Feminists often in raising a son will have to act in such a way that implicitly acknowledges that it's boys not girls that society fucks up worse. If they didn't they would be crap parents and unlike Marisacat that's not something I'd accuse my worst "enemies" of, besides which not being true.

A good example is over reproductive choices. On paper as it were the feminist complains long and loud of the "sexism" against women on reproductive issues. But if they have a sone and a daughter of teenage years they know the score is very different for them both and a lot worse for the son. No way to put him on "the pill". Nobody bothered to invent such a useful thing, or if they did its not available easily like it is in a million forms for women. If she screws up badly, god help us, there's always a cheap and easy chemical abortion - because you don't want her life put on hold by having a baby while she's a teenager. But for him? Nothing. He's totally dependent on her and it's her parents that will most likely make that call. He might end up paying for one slip until he's almost 40 years old. Plus of course it's easier for a girl to refuse sex. They're expected to be the ones to say "no". Boys are expected to be the ones pushing.

Anyway sometimes rarely these discussions take place and you can see the doublethink side of feminist women come out as they practically act so as to acknowledge the world is a lot more friendly to young women than to young men. I find that interesting.

ms_xeno said...

catnip, I have the worst feet in recorded history, which is why nearly all summer shoes are uncomfortable. I tend to stay in my Red Wing (work) boots even when the temperature is up past the 80s (F). Gotta' have that ankle support and space for my orthotics (fake arches) or I just can't get around.

What I learned from Miss D's. shoe link at Mcat's page a week or so ago was what I already knew: Most women's shoes are better as wall hangings or art installations than as footwear.

Oh, and thanks for the DF link. 8)

supersoling said...

I've already posted the documentation at the Blogging Curmudgeon. But you continue to ignore facts.
Here it is again.

Gender Pay Gaps

Courtesy of the U.S. Dept. of Labor, via the AFL-CIO, a workers organization. Not a women workers or men workers org, a workers org. See, even the U.S. govt. acknowledges the truth, in this instance anyway. But you go on moving the goal posts.

DavidByron said...

I already pointed out you were full of shit over there too. The first time you posted lies you could claim ignorance, the second time it's deliberate.

DavidByron said...

All I have to do is re-post my refutation.

Those numbers don't even take into account the extra hours men work more than women. They don't even pretend to be equal work.

They don't take into account anything but a very broad job title. No experience, no length of service, no level of education, no account of willingness to do unpaid overtime or to relocate to persue promotions. No attempt to equalize for important factors like number of children or married status or any of twenty odd other factors that are known to make a difference, all of which tend to explain why men are paid more because they work more.

It's a tiny bit better than the crap you first used which was just a reference to averaging all men and all women over utterly UNequal jobs, but it's very far emoved from being a comparison of equal work.

So you couldn't find a CLAIM of equal work for equal pay at the so-called equal pay day site huh? Were you surprised they don't even make the claim?

DavidByron said...

reposting my 2nd reply at Curmudgette's site:

Look at the "profession" with the biggest gap for example - physicians.

According to you men are paid almost double what women doctors are paid. Does that sound even remotely likely to you? What planet are you on that you seriosuly think that a hospital administrater looks at his roster and decides to double the pay of all the male staff for no reason at all? What administarter would not save the hospital a fortune by either only hiring women, or else only paying men as much? It's just absurd. Only a moron would believe this lie.

"Physician" covers a lot of different jobs. Some jobs are nice and pay less -- like looking after children. Nice 9-5 jobs with no blood and gore. No stress. Other physicians work 80 hour weeks in surgery and with dangerous patients in emergency wards etc.

Do you think those two should be paid identically because they can both be called "physician"?

Now guess what? Men tend to go for the higher paying specialities and women the lower paying ones. Both sexes know ahead of time who will get paid what. Women don't work as hard because they know they don't have to. Women like to take it easier in life work wise. Women don't want to be that guy working 80 hours with street gang shotgun victims. Men don't want to either but they know that men's status is judged by their earning power. it's the sexism against men that makes them comopete and enter often dangerous jobs.

But remember that it's women who end up spending all the money men earn. Women account for 80% of all consumer purchasing monies. Who's better off here? The person who works hard or the one who takes it easy and then spends the others' pay?

Gender wage gap my ass.

DavidByron said...

In general btw the government does whatever feminists tell it to do because women are so over-privileged in our society. There's no such figures for men, there's no men's departments like there are women's departments abd offices in the US government. Not just the US of course; Canada, the UK Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan have them too. So I'd just count the US government as another feminist source and just like the other feminist sources including NOW's site and the Equal Pay Day site I directed you to, none of them claim that women are paid less than men for the same work.

They leave that crap to mugs like you. Isn't that interesting?

But you knew all this because I explained it to you last time so you're not just a dupe any more are you? You're deliberately lying.

And who are you lying to?

Not to me because I know the truth. Not to you either. You're lying to other feminists to keep them stupid as you were.

Forget it. Most of them already know.

This word validation thing times out quite quickly; it works so much better when you have nothing to say. No wonder I'm the one having the most hassle with it. A system that penalises thoughtful or longer replies. Brilliant.

DavidByron said...


Months after everyone knows all the three men were entirely innocent and not only that but essentially framed by the DA to win an election, they announce that they will at some point in the future quit harassing these men.

Feminists of course continue to say that all three men are guilty because evidence shows they are all male and all men are rapists.

I am left wondering what the chances are in this "patriarchal" society of three white women being arrested and subject to all this harassment on the basis of the accusation of a single black man with a record.

DavidByron said...

LMAO. What an image. Three princesses. Three royalty. Three young pretty white women arrested and harassed because of a black man just saying so.

That's so ridiculous they should make a movie about it.

DavidByron said...

I wonder what it is like to have that much power over people? What's it like girls? To know you can get ANY man arrested any time you want to? Arrested with no evidence and no danger to yourself and they'll be hassled for over a year and even after they've had to PROVE their innocence many people will never believe them? Man that's power over isn't it wimmin?

ms_xeno said...

super, I have to agree with arcturus' comments from a couple of weeks back. If Yahweh (or whomever) had meant for us to engage in endless troll wars, He would not have given us the scroll bar.

DavidByron said...

No response from the whiney baby feminists out there? No one going to try and explain how this incident really proves how "patriarchal" society is because those men were not punished for a rape they didn't commit?

What a morally bancrupt philosophy feminism is.

catnip said...

King of Swamp Castle: One day, lad, all this will be yours.

Prince Herbert: What, the curtains?

ms_xeno said...

catnip, if you have a computer AND woman-parts, you are all-powerful. I mean, like Death the Shatterer of Worlds and shit. Just turn towards the nearest penis-person, point your finger, and he'll disintegrate in a puff of lilac-scented smoke. You know it's true. So just shut up. I mean, last week I disintegrated my former cube-neighbor at my old office, and Jimmy Kimmel AND the jerk down the block who throws his empties on my lawn at night. What's YOUR problem exactly, catnip ?

Oh, and I think the bobble in the new thread is fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up.

pyrrho said...

great, my comments don't go throuhg... I'm being oppressed for sniping at david byron! or maybe for ignoring him too much!

no! stop repressing me!

or maybe I didn't hit submit.

DavidByron said...

The feminist relationship with reality is just like any other conservative group.

ms_xeno said...

Oh, and when you're disintegrating penis-people for fun and profit, don't forget to shout, "BEGONE !!"

See, I forgot that with pyrrho, which is why it totally didn't work !

catnip said...

See, I forgot that with pyrrho, which is why it totally didn't work !

Don't forget to wave that wand of yours too. It's all in the wrist action.

ms_xeno said...

True, true. Half the fun of tyrannizing every male on the planet is showing them just how much bigger my magic wand is than theirs in that final moment before their well-deserved demise. :p

canberra boy said...

Aghhhh... no, spare me, not the magic wand. Lucky I only have to press 'publish' rather than 'submit'!

scribe said...

Just popping my head up out of the rabbit hole to say Hey to everyone. I see you women are misbehaving again. For shame. You must be "tools of the devil" too, just like me!

Fun, huh?

Now back to my rabbit hole. :)

ms_xeno said...

Scribe wants some deviltry, eh ?
I'll show ya' deviltry !! Ha !!

Oh, and one for catnip, too. She knows why.


catnip said...