Monday, April 12, 2010

'Let's get ready to rumble'



Well...brrreaking news...there's a meta shitstorm going on at Teh Daily Kos (when isn't there?) and I've decided to let the various players involved use this place to fight it out because that's what we do here - meta.

Now, I don't know exactly what this is all about. There's talk of "ponies" and "pragmatics" and "hero worshippers" and "dirty fucking hippies" and "racism" and "rainbows" and "secret cabals" and the wreck list and various conspiracy theories. And this all involves "factions" (although I'm pretty sure we're not talking about the Crips and the Bloods here).

In other words: same shit, different day.

So, if you want to have it out, here are the rules:

1. There are no rules.
2. See rule number one.

If you're new here, this was our first post back in 2006 when a bunch of us migrated here from Booman Tribune and Daily Kos.

There are no referees here. You're on your own. (Unless somebody's posting spam trying to sell faux Rolex™ watches - then we might step in.) So, no complaining to the management if somebody hurts your feelings. We don't care.

Any questions?

Oh yeah - NO "pootie" pics. And they're called "cats", for fuck's sake: CATS.


catnip said...

This would be the "other" comment thread.

Fire away.

catnip said...

For some reason, blog commenting was set to allow comments by team members only.

Apologies to anyone who tried to comment. That should be fixed now.

Have at it.

Uberbah said...

Woot, it works now.

Still waiting on a reply from MB on the warning I got, red box at the top of the screen and everything.

And I know he has better things to do, but a short comment in the thread probably would have saved a headache on his part and cut down said shitstorm.

catnip said...

So, that's what happens when you get a warning? A red box? With nothing in it? That's bizarre.

Red - I guess that means you're a commie. :)

That Sistahspeak situation is a fucking joke and should have been nipped in the bud immediately.

Uberbah said...

Pops up right under the Dkos banner, like this. Can't post or rec comments, though I still see hidden comments and vote in polls.

That Sistahspeak situation is a fucking joke and should have been nipped in the bud immediately.

Yeah. Either go ahead and tell these people they can have their private "community diaries", or tell them they're off base.

And while I freely admit to an overabundance of stubbornness, I don't think I said anything hidable, much less warnable.

But whatever. I'll see what his answer is...

Red - I guess that means you're a commie. :)

Funny, since at this moment I'm drinking Razzleberry Peace Tea, which comes in a big red can. :)

catnip said...

I see they have a Peace Tea Party so that obviously makes you a teabagger! :)

I suppose irony is lost on MB? He doesn't moderate so you and others step in to and you get a warning...

Her next diary is due up on Friday. Let's see if he does anything by then. Doubtful, at this point.

Shitstorms raise ad rates.

Uberbah said...

Wasn't a real warning...said that while I'm free to voice my opinion, that I should "consider my tone" in such diaries. And he's got a point as far as how it's not likely to change many minds, but like I said, I'm stubborn.

Not sure why he didn't just say it in a comment, though maybe he wanted to make sure I read it? Anyway, he did it that way (saying "please email me") as opposed to just sending it to the email address that I signed up with, which was actually very nice.

I would imagine he's going to post something again to make clarifications, but a couple of short comments would probably cut down on the size of his inbox. Otherwise it's going to go Lord of the Flies with factions, at this rate.

In any case, thanks for the backup when the dumping gets extreme. I'm always surprised that Slinkerwink has stuck it out, rather than burning out like Sirota.

Cheers, see you back at Dkos.

catnip said...

Ah yes, "tone". That's the new buzzword over there. People don't like each others' tones. Delicate sensibilities and all that.

it's going to go Lord of the Flies with factions, at this rate.

It's been Lord of the Flies and Heathers and Mean Girls for years...

Uberbah said...

I see you saw her new diary...Robin and amazinggrace whining about the "toxic" nature of DKos, when they're the ones that created the toxicity in the first place.

It's like watching Republicans bitch about the national debt.

catnip said...

Yet another person who thinks she can post a diary and not get any criticism for what she writes. But, I supposed if you say that, you're racist.

It's a big circle jerk.

Anonymous said...

You see the latest clusterfuck in the latest "Sistahspeak"? Pretty much a replay of previous episodes...only this time with some weak sauce moderation from MB.

In a dairy filled with empty assertions, he's challenged those pushing back against the diarist and her cabal to either back up their assertions or retract them...but hasn't done the same for those accusing people of racism, trolling, etc etc.

He's also come down on someone for saying "fuck you", but not on the person he was replying to, who was also extremely personal and insulting (but didn't swear).


catnip said...

Welcome all of you who have now found this old thread through whatever "research" you've been doing about me online.

Feel free to join in the discussion in a much more current thread here:

Go ahead. State your case. Whispering amongst yourselves isn't going to change anything. Neither will hanging out with your pals in Black Kos, slapping each other on the back. Got something you want to say about me or to me? Make it public here.