Sunday, March 11, 2007

Open Thread

Meta away.

I really did want to title this - "On Open Thread" in homage to Martin, but realized it was just too ridiculous even for snark.


spiderleaf said...

My word of the day is "ignore". ;)

supersoling said...

Good friggin moning,
Meta eh? Well, okaaaay. I got meta, because it really isn't all about Byron. It's all about me right now.
Life is trying mightily to fuck with my plans to be at the Pentagon protest on the 16-17. Something that has the potential to be a real protest, or at least more than a Sunday walk in the (roped off) park like the last few so called protest/photo ops for hollywood activists!!??.
Sunday is the first anniversarry of my wife's Grandmother's death and she's feeling vulnerable and is requesting me to stay home and be by her side for support. How can I ever say no to a request like that? In mechanical land, the Jeep I bought for my son a week ago just popped a piston and thrown the family motorpool into disarray. I need to fix it. Good thing i have a knack for nuts and bolts, but bad that I haven't the dough for parts. Shit. Bailing wire and superglue are my friends :o)
I have a boat that I need to finish painting and the owner is impatient to put it mildly. House is officially going on the market, such as it is, this week. Asshole adversarry broher is awarded administration of my Father's estate, also such as it is, and has the balls to request that I send him an itemized list of his belongings. Suuuuure asshole, I'll jump right on that for you, while you get compensated for it. Yup! best get your fat ass to NY and do it yourself.

Worst of all, I'm flat out of Oreos.


Brad Delp of Boston died on Friday night. That just sucks.....

supersoling said...

above post begins:
good friggin moning...exactly ;o)

spiderleaf said...

Out of Oreos??? Unthinkable. Absurd. Super, this has completely lowered my respect for your ability to be cookie-prepared. For shame ;)

Good moning to you too :P

Sorry to hear your bro is still being such a shit after all he's put you guys through. Are you staying in LI after the sale?

Damn, I don't know what to say about the Pentagon march other than you do what you need to for yourself and your family... tending to your own community and family is important too, and you've put yourself out there many times before imho.

supersoling said...

I should be ashamed of subsidizing Nabisco but I just can't kick my love of lard :o)
I'm free to go to DC if I choose, but not sure now if I want to disregard something just as or more important than family needs. We'll see....developing as they say....

And yes, we're planning on staying in NY till baby #3 is outta school...if we?I can swing it.

ms_xeno said...

In a better world, I'd be able to gift supersoling with my total lack of interest in attending so much as three seconds of any march. And some Oreos. :/

I was too depressed to contribute to last night's thread (for reasons having nothing to do with anyone on it), but for an alternate view regarding 3rd Parties, I present you with a couple of favorite tirades from UFO Breakfast Recipients:


And Kucinich.

sjct said...

I am starting my THIRD week of extreme back pain with a flu bug on top of it and feel like the walking dead.

Dealing with pain is the exact opposite of the stages of grief. You start out with acceptance -- you have no choice -- and work your way to denial/functioning anyway dammit. I'm at the mad-as-hell stage and everything irritates me. I could prob'ly write some mean rants if I weren't so damned tired and confused from lack of sleep.

supersoling said...

it's the thought that counts...I've heard :oP

I'll vote for Dennis in the primary like I did last strange trip, but when it comes to the general I'll probably sit it out. There's not one candidate that I could justify supporting. Edwards comes the closest but he's still a million miles down the road from impressing me. The Greens are fractured again. Nader, for all his ability to cut to the chase isn't in a position to get close to even avoiding the state police from blocking his access to conventions or getting the what? 3% or 5% that's needed for matching funds and inclusion in debates. Which was for me, my modest motivation for voting for him in 00, even though in NY it made little difference.

The duopoly defenders are in full throat again. Third parties only serve to hurt the dems in a winner take all system...blah, blah. Well yeah! Great Spirit forbid that the dems would ever have to compete for votes. And that's what it's all about.....

I could set up a PO Box for any potential future Oreo care packages you know :oP

NLinStPaul said...

Great diary up at BT by someone named "notanamerican" titled "The Politics of the Children's Table" (sorry, don't know how to do the linky thing here, but I figure you guys know how to get there). All about why the Dems aren't getting anything done. Its getting NO attention yet. Take a look.

DavidByron said...

In the comments of this thread at Hullabaloo about twenty people predicted dates for when the Iran war would start (ie the US bombing). It seems to me that the blogosphere has suffered from some group-think related to this topic. About 50% of the commenters figured that the war would start within 2 months. (This was the same day that US soldiers seized some people from inside an Iranian consulate or embassy in Iraq.) About half the remainder figured the war would begin within two to three months. This was all two months ago.

Today the threat of war doesn't seem quite so immidiate although the long term indicators are all still there.

Almost everyone has been predicting war with Iran imminently and it's been going on for a while now. Scott Ritter has been calling it for about three years now. Hersh has been banging that gong for a little less time. But predicting war with Iran is like trying to find the edge of the world; there's no falsification for it.

My own prediction was no war in Iran until the US has a Democrat as president. America needs a fresh face to sell the next war and I think any of the Democrat hopefulls will do.

At any rate there seems to have been far too few willing to question what appears to have been a bit of group-think on this one.

supersoling said...

that diary finally gets to it's point at the end...excusing the democrats from thier mandate. And while it reminds the people of their responsibilities to protest and force the issue, I can't endorse the notion that (the way I read the diary) the democrats need more political cover.

NLinStPaul said...

I guess I read it differently Super. I didn't see it as an excuse, but as a seeing of reality - this is what we are dealing with and if we want to get anywhere, we have to grow up and quit asking someone else to do it for us. For example, I think the very last sentence was a bit of snark at Obama's expense. But I could be wrong.

DavidByron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ms_xeno said...

supersoling, the trouble with supporting Kucinich is that it's support that can't go outside to someone, anyone, else. That's why I won't be doing it again.

So much of our problems start with our own POV. Elaine Brown announced that she'll be running on the Green ticket, but you can bet your ass that nobody in the BBBs will say boo about it even if they know-- unless they can pin some freaky religion or unflattering hat on her or something.

Having been spoken to for years by their supposed betters as if they are not-too-bright infants, they turn on their supposed lessers and re-employ the same tactics. It drives me crazy

We could, as the adage goes, build Jerusalem if only we would. I am convinced that most people simply will not-- but I won't let that stop me from trying.

scribe said...

Super, I don't envy you the choice you have to make between the March and staying home..those are gut twister choices sometimes, I know. You DEFINITELY need to go get some Oreos, TODAY!

sjct, all I can do, as someone who also lives with pain issues, is empathize, totally. But it is really NOT fair for you to have a flu bug on top of it. Not fair at even all. I'd be bitching louder than YOU are!

In terms of the next election, it just might be the first one I choose to sit out totally. It will take a whole lot I am not seeing much sign of right now, to get me to even make the trip to the polls.

Yeah, if I won the lottery, I'd love to set up a good blogger or two or three who has all skills and ambition I don't, that could be a clear strong voice for the authentic left. With a goal of finding solid alternatives to this terminally fucked up two party corporate owned piece of crap we call a "government". It'd have to be folks who were seasoned and stable enough to not get hooked into the cultish "guru" kind of personalities-over process-mentality I see running things now in so many places. Talk about shooting your own good concepts in the foot with your own gun, both of them, then wondering why you can't walk so good anymore!

Maryscott OConnor said...

DavidByron, that is a flat out LIE.

I offered to refund your money REPEATEDLY.

You really are a scumbag, aren't you. Wow. And I can't prove it, because when you were banned every comment I ever made to you was deleted.

Motherfucker, tell me hwo much you donated and I will fucking send it to you tomorrow.

Wow. Unscrupulous lying hypocritical miogynist bastard fuckwad.

That's the last communiqué you get from me aide from a refund of your donation, whatever the fuck it was. And you may be cerrtain I will be crosschecking the amount.


catnip said...


Personally, I consider that claim by Byron to be libelous (since you use your real name online) and will gladly delete his comment if you like.

ms_xeno said...

scribe, re the candidate "set up":

If you ask me, just about anyone in this thread could run a competent campaign;Or at least one as competent as most of the yutzes in the Big Two.

Trouble is, you have no private life when you run and we know for a fact that both heads of the Big Party hydra would throw a tanker's worth of mud at anyone who ran. No question. Most people won't put up with that shit, especially from those who claim to be their allies, which leaves... the cultists. :p

Sad, really.

catnip said...

Totally unrelated to anything here: wtf is it with some (blogging) lawyers that they can make it through law school and yet know absolutely nothing about logic?? Did they miss that fucking semester or what?

DavidByron said...

Actually Maryscott, not all the posts were deleted

Now he wants me to give his donation to a charity. I'm thinking of sending it to a women's shelter.

You only deleted *my* posts remember. Your post at MLW where you are bragging about keeping my money is still there.

That post by you records that I was willing to let you give my donation to a mutually agreeable charity but you still refused -- and laughed at my offer.

I offered to refund your money REPEATEDLY.

You really are a scumbag, aren't you. Wow. And I can't prove it, because when you were banned every comment I ever made to you was deleted.

Maryscott that doesnt even make sense. I didn't ask for a refund until AFTER you banned me and after you banned me there was no possibility to leave a comment in reply to me, because you deleted all my comments and besides none of my pre-banning comments would ahve mentioned this issue obviously.

I had to e-mail you ask for a refund remember because I was banned. So it's not possible for you to have ever posted a comment in reply to me that talked about this situation. No such comment could ever have existed to be "deleted" as you claim. What you said makes no sense.

In addition to your own post on your own board (above) I think I have all of your old e-mail responses still if that helps to jog your memory. I could forward them to you....?

I certainly don't recall ever getting any message from you by any source saying you had changed your mind and were willing to refund any donation. Perhaps you are confusing me with other people you may have banned under similar circumstances?

That's all I can think here. But read what you wrote on your own board there and see if that is enough to jog your memory.

You've made some nasty accusations against me here Maryscott and the evidence is simply against you on this. Maybe you should count to 50 and get back to me on this? You are wrong on this. I am not going to say you are acting maliciously here -- perhaps you genuinely remember this differently.

ms_xeno said...

catnip, haven't you ever heard the axiom about the scum rising to the top ? :p

BTW, I wanted to start a thread about this, but didn't know if it was acceptable to do that or not. I have posted it to Mcat's current thread and also to my LJ:

Anti-War Activists In The U.S. Call For A Week-Long Boycott of Corporations, starting April 15th.

The beauty of it is that U.S. tentacles reach everywhere in the world. Think of Starbucks, or the banking industry. Anyone can make an impact, even a small one, on U.S. policy if they want to.

DavidByron said...

Why is it catnip that you feminists always go around threatening to sue people or report them to the police in an effort to shut people down that you disagree with?

First it was you pretending to be sexually harassed by me (or did you ever decide that you weren't? you never really said did you?) and now it's libel?

At any rate I wasn't accusing MSOC of being guilty of more than douchebagery. It's not like she signed a contract with me to not ban me or something. The donation wasn't contingent on even the board itself existing let alone me continuing to be a member. I'm not saying she stole money from me. She wasn't fraudulent. A gift is a gift. Caveat emptor you might say. I just *felt* it was unfair.

From MSOC's reaction above it seems she may now agree that in retrospect it was unfair. That's gratifying. That's all I ever wanted to hear at the time really.

The circumstances were that when MLW was being set up Maryscott invited me specifically to join up. At first I thought it must be a mistake or a mass mailing because only a great fool or someone of incredible integrity would invite trouble like me to a board. So I asked her if she was not aware of my reputation and she said she was and the invitation was for me and stood. After the board was set up she changed the rules at MLW to specify that DavidByron was not a troll. I was the only person specifically named to NOT be a troll. It was in the FAQ I think. Something like that.

So I supported the site as many others did of course. Later on things went pear shaped and MSOC decided to ban me as a troll.

Once Maryscott has a chance to reflect I doubt she will contest my version of events.

I mentioned this because I was commenting on this financial thing about Salon and you know it's only fair to mention what many would see as a bias because of a history there so I mentioned it. Disclosure they call it.

I don't think this story shows MSOC in such a bad light to be honest. Who else would actually invite me on to their board? Who else would go out of their way to headhunt me? Think about that one.

So she was pissed at me at the time. She took the opportunity to laugh at me. That was just her reaction in the heat of the moment. Besides which we both know damn well that there's no dollar amount that would be worth her or my integrity. It was never about the money.

Someone's character is not dictated by how they react when they are angry but how they act of the long term. That's not to say what you do when you are angry is nothing -- especially if the consequences are lasting.

But looking back up there what I said was unnecessarily pissy too. I could have just said I had had a minor financial dispute with her in the past. So that was my character flaw. I couldn't resist needling her over her long past sin. I apologise for that to Maryscott. I was an asshole for bringing it up after all this time. Sorry. I do regret my action.

And really I think she has a ton of integrity. I think I would be giving a false impression if I didn't say that.

spiderleaf said...

ms_xeno, post away at your content. No restrictions on the contributors, just common sense and a willingness to debate.

catnip said...

catnip, haven't you ever heard the axiom about the scum rising to the top ? :p

Some "scum" does better than other "scum", apparently.

BTW, I wanted to start a thread about this, but didn't know if it was acceptable to do that or not.

We'll have none of that "impeachment porn" on this site, missy!

Just kidding. :)

You have keys to the dashboard. Post what you like.

catnip said...

Dealing with pain is the exact opposite of the stages of grief. You start out with acceptance -- you have no choice -- and work your way to denial/functioning anyway dammit. I'm at the mad-as-hell stage and everything irritates me. I could prob'ly write some mean rants if I weren't so damned tired and confused from lack of sleep.

I resemble that remark pretty well every day. Hang in there, sjct.

I'm not an Oreo person myself but you really should be stocking up for nuclear winter. You can't eat duct tape and plastic sheeting after all.

catnip said...

Note: I deleted a comment by davidbyron that was potentially libelous after consulting with MSOC. It was my call.

Arcturus said...

put 'er up, Ms X, please!

DavidByron said...

Catnip: you are the one lying about me. You know that's the truth. You've thrown away your integrity and for what? A cheap shot? What does that say about you?

Why would anyone make themselves look so small for so little return?

It doesn't make any sense to delete the entry after everyone's read it. It just telegraphs that you have something to hide. It makes MSOC look guilty and furtive. It makes you look petty and vindictive.

You can work out anything I said from the comments that came later, both by me and by MSOC. In addition if I was of a mind to be vindictive wouldn't the pettiness of this action simply spur me on to re-post the same data, here and perhaps at many other places which actually might have some sizeable readership? Wouldn't your act of injustice be the motivation for that response?

This is crazy catnip.

What do you mean by, "after consulting with MSOC"? I hope you are not trying to blame her for this idiotic idea.

Even if for some emotional reason MSOC didn't want the original post up, wouldn't it make more sense to ask me how I felt about it too? Since I had alread expressed regret and apologised for posting that piece of history? Why respond to an attempt at reconciliation with such contempt and aggravation?

Wouldn't it have made more sense to ask me to re-post the unrelated content of the original post minus the objectionable history, and maybe we could have deleted all the relevent comments, including MSOC's attack on me?

But you can't wave a magic wand an undo things.

Really. What were you thinking here? What were you hoping to achieve?

Janet said...


Do what you need to do, darling. It's too bad she couldn't come with you. Something will work out.

supersoling said...

Come with me? What a concept :o) But the truth is, she has no interest...none. 20 years of marriage tends to weed out the similarities and goals that people share :o)
But I'm still reluctant to leave when she's it goes.

Janet said...

Super, I wish we lived closer... it's one of the sucky things about the ineternet. It brings people together but sometimes one needs a small cafe table with a cup of joe between friends.

supersoling said...

True Janet...true...
but I think we've done well with what we have, you and I :o)

Maryscott OConnor said...

DB -- I've said it repeatedly and I'm saying it again now, but for the final time -- and I would appreciate it if it could be settled now forever.

I have NO idea how much money you donated. I am willing to take it on faith. Name the amount, and I will REFUND it to you.

PLEASE stop bringing it up, however, if you do NOT want it, as you have repeatedly claimed in the past.

You emailed me about it. I opfered to refund it. You said that wasn't the point. I offered AGAIN to refund -- you declined.

So, which is it? I will refund whatever amount you donated -- but after this, I do not want to fucking hear about this again.