Saturday, February 24, 2007

New ecfs site...

We are finally on our new server and URL for "Everybody Comes From Somewhere". Update your bookmarks appropriately! ;)

Threaded comments, forum, lots of goodness and whatever you want it to be... so if you didn't get an email with your new account info, email me... spiderleafATgmailDOTcom... and if you did, stop on by and poke around!

~ spider


glo said...

It's beautiful, Spider!
What a fascinating experience ECFS is. Allowing something new to simply form itself out of the spontaneously shared energies of all involved is really fun and more than a little exciting.So far, it certainly seems to prefer the shape of a circle rather than a pyramid,and I really like that.

alohaleezy said...

Peaceful and inviting. Great site!